Tapway®: How AI Tracking Automates Quality Checks

By deploying machine vision, Tapway® aims to make high-performing automation a reality for use cases in smart manufacturing, retail and more.

At a Glance:

  • Intel is helping Tapway® in their quest to build a holistic IoT portfolio that speeds up manual processes through automation.

  • By unlocking deep learning capabilities, Tapway’s AI Vision platform can deliver groundbreaking video insights in real-time.



By integrating the state-of-the-art Intel® AI capabilities, including Intel® DL Boost and the OpenVINO™ toolkit, with the Tapway® AI Vision pipeline, we are able to deliver cutting-edge AI inference performance at the lowest cost to our customers.
Lim Chee How
CEO, Tapway

Applying Tracking Technology to Business Operations

For sectors like retail, transportation and manufacturing—engagement monitoring, automated toll payment and real-time defect detection are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Tapway® is a proven leader and provider of AI-driven solutions that can achieve all these goals and more. Its intelligent platforms automate repetitive menial tasks, enabling companies to focus on more critical objectives.

With Intel’s AI solution serving up powerful AI-accelerated hardware and optimized software, Tapway® can confidently deliver its tracking solutions for people, vehicles and industrial supply chain processes. Its integrated AI Vision solutions employ Intel® Deep Learning (DL) Boost and OpenVINO™ toolkit to facilitate faster inference for a cost-effective and high-performing outcome.

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