PT. Synnex Metrodata Indonesia (SMI):
AI Enrichment for Future-ready ISVs

With help from Intel experts, SMI plans to fast-track the AI journeys of Indonesian ISVs by providing logistics, services, support and much more.

At a Glance:

  • To accelerate Indonesia’s Edge AI footprint, SMI and Intel are pushing various AI initiatives to foster a potent developer community.

  • ADLINK Vizi-AI is an industrial machine learning starter development kit that combines all the necessary hardware and software for simplified AI adoption.



Intel® has become our strategic partner in helping us to grow local ISVs. With the variety of technologies, our Indonesia ISV ecosystem can create their own solutions to solve many daily problems in our society.
-Lie Heng
Director of Synnex Metrodata Indonesia (SMI)

Laying the Foundation for an AI-centric Future

AI and ML are emerging technologies already starting to infiltrate society, changing the way we do business, work and live. To boost AI-readiness in the market, SMI, Indonesia’s largest IT distributor with over 5,000 partners across 120 cities, joined forces with Intel to rally ISVs and small to medium businesses on a mission to help them reap the benefits of AI.

This partnership is turning out targeted workshops—hosted by experts on relevant technologies like the Intel® OpenVINO™ Toolkit for AI and ML applications—access to SMI’s vast ecosystem of resources, developer-focused hackathons and an edge-to-cloud solution for system integrators, built on powerful Intel Atom® processors and designed as a scalable starting point for edge AI industrial applications.

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