How Effective Crowd Management Gets Done

Discover the analytics system deployed by iOmniscient that demands 90% less storage and bandwidth, with an 80% higher response time.

At a Glance:

  • Intel has been working with iOmniscient for 20+ years to enhance the safety, security and efficiency of congested spaces.

  • By accelerating deep learning inference, iOmniscient’s latest platform can help crowd count, detect intrusions and spot abandoned objects, among hundreds of other use cases.



Intel’s technical team has always helped iOmniscient with optimizing its software on Intel’s latest technology. This has been critical in ensuring that the cost to the customer is minimized.
-Dr Jehan Kanga
Innovation Director, iOmniscient

The Next Frontier of Successful Crowd Navigation

With rapid spatial urban expansion happening in cities, our public spaces need smarter solutions to combat the challenges of overcrowding. iOmniscient, having forged a long partnership with Intel, is a world leader in the video analytics arena, and a trusted provider of highly optimized Intel-powered solutions that are competitively priced to over 30+ industries in 70 countries.

Multisensory analytics is the key to effective crowd management. And iOmniscient’s newest addition to its expansive portfolio raises the bar by offering a unique combination of sound, smell, and video to mimic human reasoning. It utilizes the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit to advance AI inference capabilities for its behavior analytics system to fulfil over 300 real-world use cases.

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