Making virtual a reality

Discover a richer, immersive VR experience powered by Intel® technology.

A New world of experience

Intel® innovations are redefining what virtual reality really means — and what you can do in it. Virtual experiences are bound by only your imagination. New worlds come alive. 

Experience 360° of Amazing

Extraordinary experiences require outstanding performance. The Intel® Core™ i7 processor has the power to deliver amazing game physics, rich 360 degree 3D visuals, precise controls, and immersive 3D sound. Wherever you want to go, Intel® technology can take you there.

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Enjoy the Best of All Worlds

No wires. No limitations. The future of merged reality is here. Enjoy the best of all worlds through a new way of experiencing physical and virtual environments. With a suite of next-generation sensing and digitalizing technologies, Intel is powering merged reality, helping to create a more engaging future.

No wires

Explore Without Wires

Merged reality cuts the VR cord, allowing the user to operate fully free of consoles, wires and controllers.

Sense what's around you

Staying Safe

Advanced sensing technologies in merged reality help you prevent collisions, while providing a safer physical environment in the virtual world.

Plug and play

Connect with Ease

No external sensors are required, thanks to Intel® RealSense™ technology. Just put on your head mounted display and go.

No walls

Two Worlds Combined

Merged reality brings the real world into the virtual, allowing you to see the world around you while remaining in the virtual space. See your friends, interact with the virtual world using your own hands, and avoid real-world objects without ever removing your headset.

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Experience the Best Seat in the House

VokeVR gives users the best seat in the house — or arena, or concert hall. Get close to the action and watch your favorite team from courtside seats or get exclusive backstage access for a show. You pick your point-of-view, immersing yourself into the event, no matter what device you own. This isn’t the future. It’s happening now.

Powering the Virtual Revolution

Your VR journey starts with Intel® technology

"The HTC Vive* is a best-in-class VR experience. Through partnering with Intel® worldwide, we can exceed the expectations of developers and customers alike; advancing virtual reality capabilities and adoption.” - Dan O’Brien, HTC Vive VP VR OSVR.

Oculus1 partnered with industry leaders like Intel® to provide a range of systems that are optimized for virtual reality. Oculus Ready PCs have been designed and tested with Rift in mind, so you can be confident they’ll deliver a great VR experience.

"We strongly believe that virtual reality should be accessible and open to everyone. Working with OSVR, Intel® technology opens up a much larger spectrum of devices to experience high-quality virtual reality." - Chris Mitchell, Razer Sr. Manager.

Related Technologies

Intel® RealSense™ technology uses sensing technologies to enable depth perception, 3D imagery, interior mapping and feature tracking for creating next-generation interactive experiences in everything from VR to robotics.

Experience Intel® RealSense™ technology

Simplify productivity and reduce cable clutter by linking multiple devices through a single, compact port with lightning-fast transfers powered by Thunderbolt™ 3 technology.

Discover what’s possible

Don’t get tied down. Instead, create, communicate, and collaborate on your devices with Intel® Wireless Docking with Intel® WiGig technology.

Connect to freedom

Intel® Optane™ technology is a new premium class of non-volatile memory provides you with fast access to large sets of data, unleashing amazing new experiences for those who demand high performance, while maintaining high capacities.2

Discover Intel® Optane™ technology

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Technology claims are based on comparisons of latency, density and write cycling metrics amongst memory technologies recorded on published specifications of in-market memory products against internal Intel specifications.