Cloud Data Center Specialty Benefits

Earn specialty benefits and gain exclusive, partner-only resources to help you plan, build, and deploy your cloud data center solutions.

Get the Tools You Need to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Cloud data center specialty benefits give you exclusive, partner-only resources to help you plan, build, and deploy your cloud data center solutions with optimal performance and rapid efficiency. Get access to valuable solution guides, technical support, and other tools to stay ahead of the competition and build customer value.

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Cloud Data Center Specialty Benefits

Customer Matchmaking

Grow your business when you market to and collaborate with members of Intel® Cloud Insiders, VSAN*, and Microsoft Azure* programs.

Additional Points on Data Center Portfolio Purchases

Earn additional points when you participate in offers only for specialty partners. Use your points for partner events, marketing resources and more.

Cloud Data Center Specialty Designation

Display your affiliation with Intel and your expertise in providing end customers with Intel® technologies and solutions.

Access to Cloud Experts

With priority access to Intel® Cloud Experts, you can confidently offer end-to-end solutions, grow your business, and cement your role as a trusted advisor.

Access to Intel® Cloud Resources

Plan and architect cloud solutions with partner-only access to the latest research and world-class content.

Promotion of Cloud Specialists

Gain invaluable exposure and make it easier for potential customers to find and connect with you.

Facilitated Qualification for Intel’s Cloud Builder Program

Collaborate with Intel experts and other industry leaders on how to build, deploy and optimize cloud infrastructures faster, more efficiently and more securely.

Priority Invitation to Industry Events and Training Sessions

Get invited to industry-leading events and training sessions, including the Intel® Server Product leader conference.

Access to Intel® Platform Testing Services

The Global Customer Success's Tools & Technology team provides free platform testing services to qualified Intel customers designing platforms based on Intel® architecture. Through this exclusive service, customers receive focused support on selected designs helping to increase their product quality, reduce support costs, and accelerate their time to market.

Enhanced Benefits

When you purchase Intel® Server Products for Cloud Compute Blocks, you become eligible for additional benefits.

Special Event Invitation

Influence Intel’s product planning with an invitation to PCSD’s Leader Conference. You will have opportunities to discuss PCSD management with Intel® Cloud Experts.

Bid Response Assistance

When new business is on the line, get help defining a configuration that is optimized to the bid or RFQ requirements.

Solution Consultation

Before you purchase hardware, consult with an Intel® architect for a network bottleneck analysis to ensure you are allowing appropriate workload balance for CPU, memory, and storage.

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Product and Performance Information

1Data Center Portfolio products: Intel® Xeon® processors; Intel® Network Infrastructure Solutions; Intel® Server Products; Intel® SSD Data Center Family; Intel® FPGA Product Family; API Management; Intel® HPC Software; Intel® HPC Orchestrator; Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA); Intel® Solutions for Lustre Software.