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The Path to Storage Data Center Modernization and Transformation Begins Here

Grow businesses, reduce costs, and mitigate risks for your customers with a storage infrastructure based on Intel® Xeon® processors-based servers and Intel® Solid State Drives Data Center (Intel® SSDs DC). Put amazing storage agility in your customers’ data centers.

Discover Reseller Revenue Opportunities

Businesses need to update their data center infrastructure, especially for storage. This creates numerous opportunities for Intel® Technology Providers to increase their revenues. They can:

  • Sell components and complimentary products, and earn additional margins. For example, they can sell an Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 series with the Intel® SSDs for data centers as well as the Intel® Ethernet 700 Series adapter
  • Sell fully integrated systems using the breadth of Intel® products, along with consulting services
  • Get into new markets quicker using the fully certified and validated, out-of-the box solution with Intel® Data Center Blocks for Cloud for VMware*, Microsoft* or OnApp*
  • Sell services
  • Sell software support

Discover and Explore Storage Options

Modernize your customer’s data center storage infrastructure with next-generation hardware from Intel. Read Principled Technologies' Report and learn how the right configuration of Intel server processors, SSDs, and networking can give you and your customers a competitive advantage.

Read Principled Technologies' Report and learn how the right configuration of Intel server processors, SSDs, and networking can give you and your customers a competitive advantage.

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Discover compelling benefits and business reasons to move your customers from outdated hard disk drives over to SATA-based Intel® SSD Data Center Family.

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Why PCIe*?

Explore the reasons businesses transition from SATA-based SSD’s to PCIe*, and learn which workloads benefit from PCIe*.

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Storage Transformation with 3D NAND

Explore the innovations in 3D NAND technology and learn how it can transform your business.

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Under the Hood

Learn how Intel is enabling businesses to provide new services and more value to their customers.

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Faster Storage Better Insights

Learn about key benefits and performance enhancements from using Intel® Solid State Drives for data centers.

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Top 10 FAQs

Be ready for your customers’ questions. Get answers to the top 10 frequently asked questions (FAQ) about data center storage modernization.

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Evaluate Data Center Storage TCO

Build the business case for storage modernization and transformation, and guide customers through cost, risk, and efficiency benefits. Use the TCO/ROI/Payback tool to show your customers the benefits of replacing their current environment with the latest generation of Intel®-based data center products.

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Build Storage Solutions for Your Customers

Pre-Configured Cloud Blocks

Pre-Configured Cloud Blocks

Intel® Data Center Block (Intel® DCB) configurations are purpose built with all Intel® technology, optimized to address the needs of specific market segments. These fully validated blocks deliver performance, reliability, and quality for solutions customer want and can trust to handle their demanding cloud workloads.

Red Hat OpenStack* Platform with Red Hat Ceph* Storage

Intel and Red Hat have combined efforts to help simplify the acquisition and implementation process of cloud solutions.

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Cloud Blocks for VMware*

Cloud Blocks for VMware* are unbranded VSAN-Ready Nodes that can accelerate the development of SDS solutions.

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Cloud Blocks for Microsoft*

Cloud Blocks for Microsoft* are unbranded server systems that help accelerate the path to software-defined storage and private cloud.

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Cloud Blocks for OnApp*

Cloud Blocks for OnApp* provide a private cloud solution that can be implemented in a couple hours.

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Storage of the Future: Introducing the Intel® SSD DC P4500 Series

Learn about the benefits of the Intel® SSD DC P4500 Series. Understand how moving from SATA SSDs to PCIe* SSDs can enable new possibilities.

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Why Intel Is Better Together

Learn about Intel® Server Component Extended Warranty designed to work better together to deliver performance and dependability for a wide range of server environments.

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Improve Application Performance with Intel® Cache Acceleration Software (Intel® CAS)

Get an overview of Intel® Cache Acceleration Software (Intel® CAS) and its impact on server performance and usage.

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Storage Modernization 201

Explore key components of storage modernization, why modernization is essential to address growing amounts of data and ever-changing environments.

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Introducing Intel® Volume Management Device (VMD) & Intel® VROC

Explore how Intel® Volume Management Device (VMD) and Intel® Virtual RAID on CPU (Intel® VROC) bring significant opportunity for NVMe* based storage in servers.

Take the course (10 mins, 4 credits)

Intel® Storage Performance Snapshot Tool Overview

Learn how to use the Intel® Storage Performance Snapshot Tool to analyze the operating system traces for high-level usage.

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Market Resources and Tools

Find a collection of storage-specific marketing tools and assets that can help you build and execute powerful marketing campaigns to move your business forward. Download market-ready ad kits, videos, infographics, posters, templates, banners, and more.

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Product and Performance Information

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