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How to Download Streaming Video

Streaming video sites like YouTube* and Vimeo* are great for bookmarking videos that you enjoy watching time and time again. But if you want to capture something for personal use or to watch it at a later time, you’ll need to download the video onto your hard drive. Before you do that, make sure you’re not breaking any rules. There are lots of streaming video sites out there that state in their terms of service you’re not allowed to download video if you’re going to distribute it with others. Once you’ve done that, next you’ll want to make sure that you buy a computer capable of streaming, downloading, and watching all your favorite movies and TV shows. Check out the Intel Learning Centre page to choose from among the best.


Download Free Movies

Believe it or not, you can download a lot of free movies online and it’s perfectly legal. There are tons of movies in the public domain that range from little known gems to widely appreciated genre classics. You can start your search by visiting The Internet Archive. Next, you can peruse the offerings available at the Open Video Project, where you’ll find everything from documentaries to lectures to historical films.


Download the Best in Thought Leadership

TED* (which stands for technology, entertainment, and design) is an online platform for the broadcasting of global conferences and presentations by numerous luminaries and thought leaders of the digital world. TED talks can be streamed from the website or downloaded directly to your computer by clicking the “download” button found below each video on the website. You will be given the option to download a video in low-res, standard-res, or high-res. There are certain guidelines that you have to follow if you intend to repost a downloaded TED talks video, but as long as you’re downloading for personal use you won’t have to worry about this.


Downloading Video Podcasts

If you enjoy a variety of thoughts and opinions, there’s plenty of material online to watch, including video podcasts (sometimes called vlogs or vidcasts) from entrepreneurs and small business owners that you can have delivered straight to your email inbox or automatically downloaded whenever they become available. Once you find a video podcast you’re interested in watching, subscribing to it will ensure that you’re set up with the method of your choice.


Want to Download Streaming Video from Netflix*? Sorry, Charlie

If you’re looking for a software program (either freeware or payware) that’ll make it possible for you to download streaming movies from sites like Netflix* or Hulu*, you’re out of luck. Most subscription sites like these have anti-piracy features in place that prevent any sort of downloading. If you want to watch something that’s featured on either of these online movie websites, your best bet is to subscribe or buy the movie outright.


It’s true that your success at downloading streaming video is reliant on taking the right approach and using the right software program. But that’s not nearly as important as having a computer that’s fast enough to process a download without lagging, or that will be capable of playing your movie or TV show in high resolution. To explore your choices and to find the Ultrabook™, all-in-one PC, or laptop that’ll meet your needs perfectly, have a look at the Intel Learning Centre page. Once you get yourself equipped with the right technology, there’ll be no stopping you.

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