Regulatory Documentation for Intel® NUC 12 Enthusiast Mini-PC / Kit NUC12SNK[x]


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These certificates and declarations describe regulatory markings and safety information for Regulatory model NUC12SNK.

  • Intel® NUC 12 Enthusiast Mini PC - NUC12SNKi72VA
  • Intel® NUC 12 Enthusiast Kit - NUC12SNKi72


Some of the regulatory information on this page may only apply to Intel® NUC Mini PCs (those fully integrated with memory, drive, and operating system).

Intel® NUC Kits and Intel® NUC Boards have been certified for use as a component in Information Technology Equipment in certain countries. The system integrator is responsible for testing and acquiring any additional country-specific regulatory approvals, including all system wide certifications. See Regulatory Information for Intel NUC for information on test houses.

Certain countries may require extra certifications not listed here; for example, some certifications are required to be completed by the supplier responsible for placing product on the local market.

Wireless components, Material Declaration Data Sheet, and accessories certificates
Wireless components Material Declaration Data Sheet Accesories
Wi-Fi adapter Certificates


For certificates on accessories such as power adapters, power cords and batteries, please contact

Country specific product certificates and declarations
Region Product Regulatory Document
All Regions NUC12SN

IEC 62368 CB Certificate

IEC 60950 CB Certificate

Energy Star

Australia and New Zealand NUC12SN ACMA RCM Supplier Declaration of Conformity
China NUC12SN

SRRC Certificate

CEL Registration

CCC EMC Safety Certificate

Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) NUC12SN

EAC Certificate

EAC RoHS Certificate

European Union NUC12SN Intel Declaration of Conformity & RoHS
Japan NUC12SN

VCCI Certificate of Acceptance

RoHS Certificate

Mexico NUC12SN NOM Safety Certificate
Morocco NUC12SN ANRT RF Certificate
Philippines NUC12SN NTC Type Acceptance Certificate
South Korea NUC12SN KCC MSIP EMC Certificate
Taiwan NUC12SN

BSMI Certificate - Kit

BSMI Certificate - Mini-PC

USA and Canada NUC12SN

UL 62368 and CAN 62368 Certificate


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