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What is Intel® NUC Pro Software Suite


Intel® NUC Pro Software Suite contains a watchdog timer utility and a utility that monitors unattended applications and provides redundant screen services for digital signage applications.


What is the Intel® NUC Pro Software Suite?


The Intel® NUC Pro Software Suite consists of two applications to help customers, especially those customers whose systems need to be up and reliably working for long periods of time. The Intel® NUC Pro Software Suite supports both Windows® 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Key capabilities of the tool include the ability to:

  • Terminate and relaunch the application when a targeted application(s) becomes unresponsive
  • Safely shut down or restart the Operating System whenever it detects a target application failed x + times, since the last Windows boot, as specified by the user
  • Log application monitoring activity to an easily accessible log file
  • Allow the user to enable a hardware watchdog timer to execute a hard system reset if for any reason the system (or NPSS itself) were to become unresponsive
  • Take over the display of a paired NUC if it were to experience a system failure and allows the affected NUC to resume driving its display when it is once again detected in a healthy state
  • Grant the user a hardware diagnostic feature that runs diagnostic calls between the NUC and the display via HDMI CEC, leveraging WMI interfaces exposed by NUC ACPI BIOS

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Known Issues

During configuration, the Linux version of the Intel® NUC Pro Software Suite may switch to the 2nd HDMI (HDMI-2) display and could be misleading in that the application is not visible in the TV display. There is a workaround; before configuration, in the Windows Display settings, change the Multiple Displays option to Duplicate these displays. After the configuration is complete change the Multiple Displays option back to Extend these displays.

Multiple displays

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