How to Configure, Install, and Manage Intel® Optane™ Memory Before Installing Windows® 10 (Advanced)


Install & Setup



The video below shows you how to set up and configure Intel® Optane™ memory before you install the Windows® 10 operating system. You can also review the steps in the installation guide.

Includes system BIOS settings required and how-to steps for a properly configured system:

  • Install the Intel Optane Memory application (7:05)
  • Enable Intel Optane Memory for system acceleration (7:52)
  • Disable Intel Optane Memory for system acceleration (10:14)
Note Secondary/Data drive acceleration:
  • With the latest Intel Optane memory supported applications the following are also supported:
    • The Intel® SSD 6 Series built on Intel® QLC 3D NAND drives can be accelerated (Version or later), no other PCIe* NVMe* drives are supported for acceleration.
    • The Secondary/Data drive can be accelerated with Intel Optane memory modules (version 16.x or later). See Software and Platform Support for Intel® Optane™ Memory for complete details on which Processor/Chipsets support this capability.
  • An update to the System BIOS may be required to upgrade the Intel® RST Pre-OS UEFI Driver version to 16.x or later. Consult your motherboard vendor for the proper system BIOS version for this support.
  • All additional system requirements and BIOS settings are the same as noted in the video above.
  • Find more information on Secondary/Data SATA Drive Acceleration with Intel® Optane™ Memory.
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