Memory and Hardware Compatibility for the Intel® Server Boards Family





Intel only provides support for the Intel® Server products used with validated hardware (memory, add-in cards, and storage devices) listed in the Intel® Server Configurator Tool and in the verified by Intel CMTL Tested Memory List. The Computer Memory Test Labs* (CMTL) list is built and maintained by CMTL and contains results of testing memory for compatibility with Intel® Server products as requested by memory manufacturers.

For the list of Intel® only products compatible with a specific Intel® Server Board or Intel® Server System, you can also use the Product Specifications page. Choose the appropriate product by typing the product name. At the product level, on the left side of the page you'll find the Compatible products section.

Demo: How to Navigate or Use the Intel® Server Configurator Tool.

To get the full Compatibility List for Intel® Server Board and Intel® Server System Based on Intel® Server Boards Family using the Intel® Server Configurator Tool, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Intel® Server Configurator Tool:
    landing page
  2. On the landing page, click THOL Builder:
    thol builder
  3. Select appropriate Server Board Families. Click GO for Intel® Server Boards:
    platform selection
  4. Select the appropriate Board, Server System/Chassis from under the Select By Server Product drop-down menu. The example shown is only for S1200SPOR / Server System / R1208SPOSHORR:
    User-added image
  5. Use the table below as a reference for Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems based on the Intel® Server Board S1200SP Family:
    Board System/Chassis
    S1200SPLR P4000XXSFDR
    S1200SPLR P4304XXSFCN
    S1200SPLR P4304XXSHCN
    S1200SPSR P4000XXSFDR
    S1200SPSR P4304XXSFCN
    S1200SPSR P4304XXSHCN
  6. Then select Category, Vendor, and so on from the Compatible Options drop-down menu to get the compatibility list:
    compatible options
  7. Or you can export the compatibility data by clicking Export Results:
    export results
  8. Click to open document in a new window to save it to a file:
    save to a file
  9. You may now review the hardware compatibility list.