Accelerate Time-to-Market

Developers build, test and optimize code with Intel® software and simulation tools before hardware is ready, delivering validated solutions on day one.

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Engage a Developer Community

The Intel® Developer Zone (Intel® DZ) spurs innovation from edge to cloud with easy access to world-class resources, programs, and tools.

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Unleash Hardware-Based Advantages

Developers unleash built-in Intel hardware capabilities with Intel® software to optimize performance and improve security.

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Leverage Open Source Software

Thousands of dedicated Intel engineers continuously advance open source software on Intel platforms.

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oneAPI delivers a unified programming model to harness the power of diverse computing architectures. It is an ambitious software initiative that represents a paradigm shift from today's single architecture, single-vendor programming models.

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Realize the Value of Intel’s Ecosystem

Strategic partner relationships with hardware, software and service providers advance technology innovation as we develop mutual growth opportunities and tackle some of the world’s toughest challenges together.

Future-proof your business with Intel®-based solutions

Innovation in Technology & Business

Build User Productivity & Organizational Competitiveness

From 3rd-party applications and platforms to critical open source projects, Intel® software connects current and future Intel hardware innovations to the broadest range of solutions, driving sustainable, competitive advantages for organizations around the world.

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Gain Greater Operating Efficiency

Enterprise developers optimize applications and platforms with Intel® software tools and libraries to cut customer's total cost of ownership (TCO), reducing downtime, improving security, and supporting more users and more operations per second, 24x7x365.

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Get More Done

Developers bring to life client hardware-based AI assistance, immersive graphics, and hi-speed connectivity with Intel® software tools and libraries, accelerating the availability of new solutions for online engagement, smart retail, virtual office collaboration, and much more.

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Improve Your Users’ Experience

Developers improve end-customer satisfaction with lower latency/faster response, more natural user-experience features, and greater operating simplicity. Intel® software tools and developer resources enable faster, easier, more complete solution building, testing, tuning and optimization for a better overall user experience.

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Be Ready for Production on Day One

Working with industry leading hardware, software and service providers, Intel has verified and tested more than a dozen workload-optimized hardware configurations from third parties for fast deployment and optimal performance across the spectrum of data-center uses.

Optimize data center workload performance

Additional Resources

Links to developer resources and tools.

Learn from Intel® Software Experts

Get inspired by the latest thought-leadership blogs and articles from our Intel® software evangelists.

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Choose Free or Paid Licenses

Download free Intel® software tools and code samples or purchase licenses for priority support.

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Connect with Software Innovators

Meet Software Innovators and other developer community experts.

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Become a Student Ambassador

As a graduate or PhD student, engage with other students, data scientists, and developers in the community.

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