Intel® Server Board S4600LH2 and S4600LT2-based Systems

Four-socket boards supporting up to 1.5-TB of memory for enterprise-class database, virtualization, or high-performance computing (HPC) deployments

Key Features

Target Applications

Delivering two times the floating point operations per second (FLOPS) performance of similarly configured two-socket systems, the Intel Server Board S4600LH2-based systems are ideal for demanding high-performance computing (HPC) applications requiring maximum performance density. The massive 1.5-TB memory capacity and four-socket CPU performance mean the Intel Server Board S4600LH2-based systems also make an ideal solution for intensive enterprise-class database applications or highly virtualized environments.

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1600W AC, Platinum Efficiency Supports up to four hot-swap 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch drives 2x 1 GbE

6x PCIe* x16

2x connector for Intel® I/O Expansion Module

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