Network Communications & I/O

Ethernet Products

Adapters, controllers, switches, optics, and cables for your current and future networking infrastructure. All compatibility tested for trouble-free, proven network interoperability and out-of-the-box reliability.

Fabric Products

The next-generation high performance computing (HPC) fabric features robust architecture and feature sets, support for 100 Gb/s throughput, and scalability to exascale—and beyond.

Silicon Photonics

Rely on the industry-standard products cloud service providers use and deliver blazing-fast connectivity—up to 100G—with a fully integrated solution featuring hybrid silicon laser technology.

Intel® Programmable Ethernet Switch Products

With Intel® Programmable Ethernet Switch Products, you can create ultrafast networks that are fully customized to your needs. This portfolio eliminates bottlenecks and can transform even the largest data center into a focused, balanced, and optimized high performance computer unto itself.