Intel® Aero Ready to Fly Drone

For commercial drone developers, university researchers, and students, this fully-assembled, flight tested, ready to fly quadcopter is geared to get applications airborne quickly. The kit comes with Intel® RealSense™ technology, Dronecode* PX4* software, AirMap SDK* support for airspace services, and a pre-programmed controller.

Full native Ubuntu* with Intel drivers are now verified by Intel (as user installation). Packages are available in our repository1

Features and Benefits

Computer Vision

The integrated Intel® RealSense™ R200 camera with stereo vision 3D imaging and depth sensing offers developers a tool for developing advanced algorithms for collision avoidance, localization, and more.

See the Intel® Aero Vision Accessory Kit

Fully Assembled Quadcopter

Avoid the hassles of building a drone from scratch. This drone is fully assembled, flight tested, and ready to fly.

Powerful Compute

Built around the Intel® Aero Compute Board running a quad-core Intel Atom® processor, the platform offers powerful on-board processing capabilities for demanding in-flight applications.

See the Intel® Aero compute board

Flexible I/O, Wireless Comms

Reconfigurable IO, implemented via on-board Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA, provides design flexibility. Connectivity with Wi-Fi and option for LTE modem via M.2 interface.

Open Source Development

Running embedded Linux*, developers can customize with confidence. The platform supports ROS, MAVROS, MAVlink, and OpenCV libraries for broader development support. PX4* autopilot flight stack is pre-programmed in the included flight controller.

Develop for the Intel® Aero platform

Get a look inside the highly integrated Intel® Aero UAV platform, enabled with flexible connectivity and powerful compute featuring the Intel® Aero Compute Board and the Intel® Aero Vision Accessory Kit.

Intel® Aero platform products

David Shaw introduces the features and major components of the Intel® Aero platform for UAVs and vision accessory kit, which combines computing horse power, flexible I/O, and direct support for Intel® RealSense™ technology.

Intel® Aero platform features

Customer Success Stories

The Airborne Revolution

Intel VP and GM of Drone Group, Anil Nanduri, talks about the importance of technology and industry leaders in modernizing air traffic management.

See how the Intel® Aero platform was used for rapid prototyping ›

Drotek* Electronics

Drotek* is a  French-based services start-up specializing in designing and manufacturing embedded systems for robotics and drones. In this industry, fast innovation is key to maintain competitive advantage.  With the Intel® Aero UAV Platform, Drotek* was able to rapidly integrate the Intel® Aero Enclosure Kit into their existing drones to leverage the Intel®Aero compute board and Intel®RealSense technology, thereby enabling autonomous drone flying features and focus on value-added software development. CEO Jerome Perin says “With Intel® Aero Compute Board and sensors, we’ve been able to move from idea to production quickly and spend more time focusing on our clients”.

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FlytBase* is a software company developing middleware for autonomous drones. The Intel®Aero UAV Platform helped speed development of their own collision avoidance solution. FlytBase* builds their own drones and integrates the Intel® Aero UAV Platform into their solution for drone customers. Founder and CEO Nitin Gupta is “excited to partner with the Intel. We both share the vision to offer the industry's most reliable and integrated platforms to drone developers, to help them unlock their creativity and build next-generation drone applications. Intel® Aero and FlytBase* platform offer the fastest go-to-market to drone developers”.

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Quanser* is the global leader in engineering lab equipment for teaching and research, specializing in Controls, Robotics, and Mechatronics. When looking for an embedded compute board for robotics and controls for the autonomous QDrone, Paul Karam (Director of Engineering) “went through an in-depth evaluation of four alternative development platforms. We chose the Intel® Aero Compute Board because of the standout computation power, built-in WiFi connectivity, vision camera module that could just plug in and work without additional 3rd party drivers, flexible I/O connectors and accelerated development time due to integration of hardware, software and firmware. We saw a savings of 6 months to 1 year from our typical development cycle due to the integration. Also the fact that the Intel® Aero Compute Board is based on the common Intel x64 architecture was an added benefit, as it allowed us to efficiently leverage and augment our proprietary software (QUARC) capabilities for Linux x64".

Learn more about the new QDrone from Quanser*

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Intel® Aero Compute Board

This purpose-built, UAV developer kit, powered by a quad-core Intel Atom® processor, combines compute, storage, communications, and flexible I/O—all in a form-factor the size of a standard playing card.

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Intel® Aero Vision Accessory Kit

This three-camera kit includes the Intel® RealSense™ camera (R200), an 8MP camera, a VGA camera, and associated cables. These cameras connect directly to the compute board to provide flight vision and sensing capabilities.

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Intel® Aero Enclosure Kit

This mechanical enclosure is designed specifically to hold the compute board and the three cameras comprising the Intel® Aero Vision Accessory Kit.

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Spare Parts

Propellers, modules, cables, airframe components and more by Yuneec* for the Intel® Aero Ready to Fly Drone.

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