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13th Gen Intel® Core™ Mobile Processors: Achieve Breakthrough Performance



HX Series—Elite Gaming & Creation, Anywhere

The expanded HX series drives breakthroughs for intense workloads, offering desktop-class performance in a just ~20mm-thin mobile form factor. With the maximum available core count—8 performance cores and 16 efficient cores—and the highest I/O and memory available, HX series supercharges elite gaming, 3D content creation and rendering, large file manipulations, and other heavy-duty tasks. The two-chip platform, with discrete Platform Controller Hub, brings greater L2 cache per core and up to 128 GB of RAM, two DIMMs per DDR5 channel, PCIe 5.0 (16 lanes) support,2 Intel® Dynamic Power Share,3 and a range of other advanced technologies. Competitive gamers, dynamic creators, and high-powered professionals now have the performance to achieve more, anywhere.

Boundary-Pushing Technologies

13th Gen Intel® Core mobile processors feature a suite of innovative platform technologies to enrich every aspect of laptop experiences. Capably handle large data sets and data-intensive apps with support for up to 16 lanes of PCIe 5.0,2 DDR5 memory, and up to four Thunderbolt™ 4 ports. Support for Intel® Wi-Fi 6/6E (Gig+) unlocks ultra-fast connectivity, with nearly 3X faster (Gig+) Wi-Fi speeds,4 while Intel® Bluetooth® 5.2 technology enhances wireless device connectivity, with speeds up to 2X faster than Bluetooth® 4.2.4 The new Intel® Dynamic Power Share intuitively shifts power between the CPU and 3rd party discrete GPUs to maximize performance.3 And next-generation AI capabilities, including Intel® Gaussian & Neural Accelerator (GNA) and the option for a new discrete VPU AI accelerator,5 enable seamless video conferencing for today's hybrid work environment.

Elevate gaming and streaming with advanced technologies built for your needs. Features available on Intel® Arc™ graphics products are now available on Iris® Xe Graphics, such as Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) and Arc Control. Also new for Intel® Iris® XGraphics is Endurance Gaming, which extends your gameplay on battery.

Advancing Performance Hybrid Architecture

13th Gen Intel® Core mobile processors bring next-generation performance across a full portfolio of options. With Intel’s revolutionary performance hybrid architecture, Intel® Thread Director6 intelligently moves workloads across performance cores—or “P-cores”—to optimize responsive, single-threaded performance, and efficient cores—or “E-cores”—to accelerate efficient, scalable, multi-threaded performance.

Find the best processor for your needs with a range of leading-edge options. With 24 cores and a two-chip platform, the expanded HX series offers the ultimate platform for desktop-class performance on a laptop. The ultraportable 14-core H series powers premium gaming, creating, video-editing, and multi-tasking, even when you’re on the go. The P series delivers enthusiast-level performance in a thin-and-light form factor to enhance your everyday productivity. And the U series 10-core processor is optimized for the performance and portability needs of modern, mobile PC experiences.

Product and Performance Information

1Performance hybrid architecture combines two core microarchitectures, Performance-cores (P-cores) and Efficient-cores (E-cores), on a single processor die first introduced on 12th Gen Intel® Core processors. Select 12th and 13th Gen Intel® Core processors do not have performance hybrid architecture, only P-cores, and have same cache size as prior generation; see for SKU details.
2PCIe 5.0 only available on HX and H Series.
3Please work through Intel’s Customer Engineering and Account teams to explore enabling options. Contact your Intel representative.
4See for details. Results may vary.
5For select designs only. See for details.
6Built into the hardware, Intel® Thread Director is provided only in performance hybrid architecture configurations of 12th Gen or newer Intel® Core processors; OS enablement is required. Available features and functionality vary by OS.
7Available only on 13th Gen Intel® Core HX Series SKUs.
8All SKUs support CPU, GPU, and memory overclocking.
9Max Turbo Frequency for P-cores may include Intel® Turbo Boost Max 3.0 and Thermal Velocity Boost.
10i9-13900HK supports CPU Overclocking. Memory Ratio Override is not supported.
11All H-series type 4 SKUs only support LPDDR5/X (6400MT/S). See for more specification details.
12Max Turbo Frequency for P-cores may include Intel® Turbo Boost Max 3.0; Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost not supported on 13th Gen mobile processors.
13All SKUs support up to DDR5 (5200 MT/S)/DDR4 (3200 MT/S)/LPDDR4 (4267 MT/S) memory (LPDDR5 frequencies are listed).
14All SKUs support up to DDR5 (5200 MT/S)/DDR4 (3200 MT/S)/LPDDR5 (6400 MT/S)/LPDDR4 (4267 MT/S) memory.
15Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost not supported on 13th Gen mobile processors.