Intel® Pentium® Processors

Discover an amazing balance of performance, experience, and value with systems powered by Intel® Pentium® processors. These processors power more devices, from notebooks to convertibles to desktops and mini PCs—Supports Windows, Chrome and Linux OS—giving you flexibility to choose the best device for your needs, while knowing it will give you the performance, experiences, and security features you deserve. Collaborate, create, and play with ease.

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Intel® Pentium® Processors

Product and Performance Information


Nearly 3X Faster: 802.11ax 2x2 160 MHz enables 2402 Mbps maximum theoretical data rates, ~3X (2.8X) faster than standard 802.11ac 2x2 80 MHz (867 Mbps) as documented in IEEE 802.11 wireless standard specifications, and require the use of similarly configured 802.11ax wireless network routers.


Up to 75% Latency reduction: Is based on Intel simulation data (79%) of 802.11ax with and without OFDMA using 9 clients. Average latency without OFDM is 36ms, with OFDMA average latency is reduced to 7.6ms. Latency improvement requires that the 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) router and all clients support OFDMA.


Half of the total number of learners – some 826 million students – kept out of the classroom by the COVID-19 pandemic, do not have access to a household computer and 43% (706 million) have no internet at home, at a time when digitally-based distance learning is used to ensure educational continuity in the vast majority of countries.” UNESCO 4/21/20 – Startling Digital Divides in Distance Learning Emerge