Intel® NUC Elements

Reimagining computing so you can imagine new solutions

Intel® NUC Compute Elements

  • The tiny Intel® NUC Compute Element gives you the power of a PC
  • Built-in and accessible I/O makes integration and customization easy
  • Full-range of Intel® processors

Intel® NUC Board Elements

  •  A modular board (thermal solution optional) that’s ideal for purpose-built solutions
  • Compatible with all Intel® NUC Compute Elements


Intel® NUC Chassis Elements

  • Fanless and ventless mini-PC
  • Rugged features built-in
  • Configurable to each of the three rugged boards

Intel® NUC Assembly Elements

  • Customized cooling for unique integrations
  • Small footprint
  • Each is designed for specific Intel® NUC Board Element