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Deliver innovative and scalable FPGA-based solutions and increase profitability with benefits, tools, and training from the Intel® FPGA Partner Program.

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About the Program

Accelerating Time to Market

Get training, technical support, and hardware & software development tools to build innovative FPGA solutions and get to market quickly.

Connecting to Innovative Solution Partners

Collaborate with ISVs, channel partners, systems integrators, OEMs/ODMs, and other go-to-market organizations.

Expanding FPGA Knowledge

Expand your FPGA expertise and earn competency badges through our leading-edge FPGA curriculum.

Partner Showcase

Checkout examples of our partner innovation on Intel® FPGA.

NoSQL Database - rENIAC

The rENIAC NoSQL Data Proxy is a transparent proxy placed between Cassandra clients and database nodes with no need for software modification.

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Image Processing - CTAccel

CTAccel Image Processing (CIP) accelerates image transcoding and analytics.

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Relational Database - Swarm64

The Swarm64 PostgreSQL solution provides elegant and transparent integration of data-analytics with operational (transactions-based) business.

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Learn about the resources and programs available to the FPGA community.

Acceleration Hub

Take a deeper dive to learn about the power of FPGA-based acceleration.

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Design Solutions Network

Join the Intel® FPGA Design Solutions Network, our ecosystem of design services, boards, IP, and acceleration function providers.

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Hardware & Software Tools

Learn about our suite of design tools and development kits for designing, verifying, and integrating Intel® FPGAs into your systems.

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Technical Training

Find the right training to help you sharpen your Intel® FPGA design skills.

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Students & Academia

Access our learning content, community, and tools targeting a wide range of audiences from students to FPGA experts.

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Software Developers

Leverage resources such as design tools, forums, tutorials, and training on the Intel® Developer Zone (Intel® DZ).

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FPGA Developer Cloud

Test your solutions on the latest Intel® FPGA hardware and pre-validated software containers.

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