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Chromebooks* for Education

Built sleek and durable, Chromebook* is ideal for learners and educators, with fast, simple deployment and responsiveness for instant access to rich web experiences and applications—all at an affordable price.

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Chromebooks* for Business

To compete and grow, businesses now have a great way to get work done. Chromebooks* powered by Intel® Core™ processors deliver fast, smooth application experiences that increase productivity.

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Wait Less, Do More

Chromebooks* powered by Intel® processors offer responsive multitasking on the web and off, so you can move seamlessly between sending email, updating social media, streaming HD video, and playing your favorite games with less load time.

Stay Charged

Chromebooks* powered by Intel are built to run more efficiently, with a long-lasting battery life to match, so you can enjoy marathon gaming, bingeing favorite shows, and more endless entertainment.

Uniquely Yours

With thousands of apps and games, you can personalize your experience, and back up photos and more. Plus, Chromebooks* update automatically, so your computer stays fresh with minimal effort.

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Get performance and value you can count on with an Intel® Celeron® processor. Discover, develop, and deliver with the power of Intel Inside®.

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Get processing speed to meet your demands. The Intel® Pentium® processor delivers the power to make multitasking effortless—for work and play.

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Our fast, feature-packed Intel® Core™ processor family is designed to take your productivity and creativity to the next level.

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