This Is Vision Accelerating Solutions on Intel

Intel® Vision Accelerator Design products offer businesses powerful deep learning inference acceleration right at the edge, with a range of choices to match the exact performance, cost, and power-efficiency that they require.

The Advantage of Acceleration

Discover how faster data analysis allows you to gain better, faster insights in the right place and time to drive results that transform your business.

Do More, Faster

The new Intel® Vision Accelerator Design products enable businesses to take advantage of vision-based inferencing for advanced, highly accurate, and fast visual intelligence from camera to cloud, for use in any market.

Making a Difference with AI at the Edge

By leveraging enhanced deep learning capabilities for real-time data analytics right at the edge, emergency response teams and law enforcement can react to missing person situations faster and with more information. Learn how Intel® Vision Accelerator Design Products help make it all possible.

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Vision Products for Any Business Need

Intel® Vision Accelerator Design products offer the scalability and power you need at the price that makes sense for your business.

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Complementary Technologies

Low Power, High Performance

Intel® Movidius™ VPUs gives you the capability to deploy high-performing vision applications with power efficiency at the forefront.

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A Range of Programmable Logic Solutions

Intel® Arria® 10 FPGAs, which offer exceptional performance and flexibility, can always be modified to increase or deepen intelligence, which allows them to be architected to solve very specific problems.

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The Toolkit Built for Vision

The OpenVINO™ toolkit is ready to deploy Intel® Vision capabilities quickly so your business can start seeing the benefits of edge analysis.

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Perfect Your AI Strategy

Intel® AI: In production offers a myriad of tools from software to development kits so your business can develop agile AI solutions with confidence.

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