Financial Services Solutions Continue to Drive Digital Transformation

Across the financial services industry, Intel is helping accelerate the journey to connected, digital operations that reduce risk and enhance the customer experience.

Intel® Financial Services Industry Solutions

The future of financial services technology runs on Intel. We’re applying flexible, high performance compute, accelerated storage, foundational security features, and integrated AI accelerations to help the industry continue unlocking new possibilities through digital transformation.

At the transformation’s center is a new kind of currency: data. Massive volumes of constantly generated information can be analyzed to allow financial institutions to gain critical insights, enhance decision-making, and deliver business value. Alongside this essential new currency comes new security, performance, compliance, and storage challenges, all at unprecedented scale.

Financial services institutions and software companies are applying AI technologies to better mitigate risk, optimize portfolios, combat financial crime, deliver personalized customer experiences, provide online chatbots, and more. These activities require IT infrastructure that can seamlessly bring in third-party data while maintaining security and delivering accelerated performance.

Meanwhile, increasingly digital business demands tight integration with physical locations such as branch bank offices. Intel provides edge computing solutions, applied alongside cloud and core data center technologies, that help enable integrated, secure, and seamless experiences for embedded finance.

The Future of Fintech

To deliver enhanced customer outcomes and experiences, major banks are more focused than ever on technology. New innovations have increased cost-effectiveness through digital platforms, reducing the cost of entry into the market and creating an environment where fintech is flourishing.

As banking services continue to become more disaggregated, new opportunities for partnership and advancement are materializing throughout the financial services industry. Intel is dedicated to providing forward-thinking technologies and deep support for the exciting, open, and digital future of finance.