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Emerging technologies can bring improved productivity from a more agile workforce. Explore the enterprise applications of emerging innovations empowering workplace transformation, such as powerful next-generation Intel processors, wireless offices, virtualization, mobile technology for your workforce and more.

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Augmented and Virtual Reality is fast evolving as a computing platform. This webinar aims to bring professionals up to speed on the technologies involved, important AR/VR market trends, the technology value chain and the rapidly expanding ecosystem.

Join Avinav Trigunait (Associate Research Director, AR/VR and Enterprise Mobility, IDC Asia/Pacific) as he presents examples of enterprise applications by sectors, explains the key challenges and opportunities, and discusses emerging risks. Offering invaluable insight and advice to technology buyers and vendors on AR/VR and enterprise mobility strategies.

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As the mobility market continues to mature in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) – this webinar analyzes the mobility ecosystem, and predicts upcoming events fuelling the mobility platform in 2017 and beyond. This includes expected spend, and emerging innovations such as virtual reality (VR), 5G, and wireless offices. Sign up for a look into the future of the mobility market.

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Evolving customer expectations and intensifying competition are creating transformative pressures on organizations’ efforts to keep customers engaged. This customer engagement model must now extend to both employees and consumers. In that vein, improving employee efficiency has become key in the digital economy.

Join Avinash K. Sundaram from IDC*, to learn how to make your organization nimbler and more responsive in the Digital Transformation era.

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