Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fuelling innovation in the way we live and do business. With the advent of smart buildings, embedded solutions for retail and industrial settings, digital signage and digital surveillance, we are interconnected as never before. IoT offers new ways of collecting data, identifying business opportunities, improving communication, increasing convenience, monitoring safety and more.

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Recent IoT Webinars

As data centers continue to evolve rapidly, how organizations are preparing to support infrastructure and processes is becoming critical. HyperConverged Infrastructure is the way to go – providing virtualized resources at your fingertips while evolving your data center using highly scalable, modular building blocks that cater to traditional data center requirements.

Join Han Chon (Director, HyperConverged Infrastructure, Lenovo Data Centre Group Asia-Pacific) and Eddie Toh (Regional Director, Data Center Marketing, APJ, Intel Technology Asia Pte Ltd) in a walk-through of the benefits of deploying HyperConverged Infrastructure as a transitional foundation for your data center of the future.

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In today’s world, smart buildings go far beyond saving energy and contributing to sustainability goals. They extend the life of capital equipment, improve security and safety, and provide not just a roof overhead but also the information infrastructure to make possible a truly intelligent world.

Sign up for this webinar and learn how Intel partner Devices World’s smart building systems help lower operating costs using the latest technology while accessing the most accurate data. Our panel includes: Yau Wai Yeong (Product Marketing Engineer, Intel), Ian Cheah (Marketing Leader & Sales Engineer, Devices World*) and Tin Chong Tat (Enterprise Solutions Manager, Devices World*).

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Building Management Systems (BMS) is breaking new ground with IoT, enabling real-time data extraction and machine learning. Sign up now and find out how these technologies are setting things in motion for the next-generation of BMS for smarter buildings. Our partner, brIQs*, will demonstrate an Intel-based IoT system implementation for critical High Volume Air Conditioning (HVAC) control.

Presenters include Wai Yeong Yau (Product Marketing Engineer, Intel), Dr Chai Kok Soon (Director, Research & Development, brIQs Technologies) and Dave Mackerness (Director, Business Development, brIQs Technologies).

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