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Today’s enterprise data centers serve a changeable business environment where IT is tasked with maintaining on-premise assets while delivering scalable cloud capabilities across the enterprise. Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) delivers the cloud architecture that businesses need for greater flexibility and agility, while bringing hyper-efficiency to your data center.

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The distinction between a telco and IT vendors is no longer clear. Today’s technology trends – including the Internet of Things (IoT), and increasing virtualization of the entire data center ecosystem – are accelerating telco transformation. This webinar charts the evolution of the telco, and highlights its critical role in the current data center ecosystem, characterized by the extended hybrid cloud environment.

Join Dr. Glen Duncan (Senior Research Manager, Datacenter, IDC Asia/Pacific) as he provides insights from IDC’s analysis of emerging market trends, the competitive landscape, and impact of disruptive technologies in the region.

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New industry clouds are emerging across financial services, healthcare, life services, manufacturing, retail, energy and even government – tripling in number across APeJ by 2020. IDC predicts that end-user companies will increasingly out-do cloud platform suppliers, by offering their own capabilities and expertise through the industry cloud platform in various forms. When your buyers become your competitors in this way, business has to understand the new mode of competition and collaboration in this digital transformation (DX) economy to thrive, scale and grow.

Join William Lee (Associate Research Director, Cloud Services, IDC Asia Pacific) as he leads this discussion with analysis and guidance across the evolving cloud industry landscape.

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Software-defined technology brings you more agile and affordable data storage for your business. Azzurrio HxCP provides enterprise-class storage, using commodity hardware and specialized software to deliver storage services, advanced features and management capabilities. Unlike the traditional enterprise storage approach requiring proprietary or custom storage systems with higher up-front acquisition and on-going operational costs.

Join Herald Lee (VP Sales and Marketing of VIVAVO) in this walk-through of the software-defined platform – its use cases, the workloads involved, and the cost-efficiencies to be derived from migrating to the cloud.

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