NVM Downgrade Package for Intel® Ethernet Adapters 700 Series (7.0 to 6.8 Only)



Provides the NVM downgrade package for Intel® Ethernet Adapters 700 Series. (7.0 to 6.8 Only)

Available Downloads

  • OS Independent
  • Size: 143.7 MB
  • SHA1: 502029EE4B70B18BF5EB4ED4050F60AF0D556F9D

Detailed Description

These files are for Downgrade from NVM 7.0 to NVM 6.8 only.


Downloads NVM downgrade package for Intel® Ethernet Adapters

Read before using the downgrade files

While NVM upgrades and downgrades use the same tool set, the order of operations is reversed. The downgrade tool executes first, followed by installation of the matched drivers.

This Download Package supports the following downgrade path Only:

Current NVM Version: 7.0

Supported Downgrade Version: 6.8

SW/Driver Downgrade Version(s): 23.4, 23.5, 23.5.1, 23.5.2

Included files

  • 700Series_NVMDowngradePackage_v7_00_to_v6_80.zip
    • 700Series_NVMDowngradePackage_v6_80_EFI.zip
    • 700Series_NVMDowngradePackage_v6_80_ESX.tar.gz
    • 700Series_NVMDowngradePackage_v6_80_FreeBSD.tar.gz
    • 700Series_NVMDowngradePackage_v6_80_Linux.tar.gz
    • 700Series_NVMDowngradePackage_v6_80_Windows.exe

Usage guide

NVM Downgrade Using the Intel® Ethernet NVM Update Tool for Microsoft Windows*: Quick Usage Guide

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