As IoT devices scale, there can be many obstacles to managing device health in a timely manner while keeping the overall cost of ownership low. With Intel as a partner, customers can deliver high-impact solutions that can be monitored and managed remotely and help your business grow.

Manageability with Intel

It’s critical to maintain and manage devices through varying life cycles until they reach end of life.With remote capability, managing connected devices can help you save on costs and labor, even for devices in hard-to-reach locations.

Intel offers technologies that can flexibly integrate into a variety of end-to-end manageability solutions.

Ease Platform Lifecycle Management

Intel® Secure Device Onboard (Intel® SDO)

Automate authentication, provisioning, and configuring the end device while being deployed in the field with zero touch. 

Out of Band Manageability 

Monitor device and remediate issues remotely, even when the OS is unresponsive (Intel® AMT and entry out-of-box manageability).

Intel® In-Band Manageability

Monitor device and update software and firmware of the device remotely. 

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