Intel vPro® Essentials: Get More Out of Your PC and Your Business

For a small business today, consumer PCs are simply not enough. You need business-grade PCs with the power, agility, and built-in security to help keep your business productive—and more protected. Intel vPro Essentials1: A business computing foundation built specifically for growing small businesses—whether you have lean IT teams or not.

Product and Performance Information


All versions of the Intel vPro® platform require an eligible Intel processor, a supported operating system, Intel® LAN and/or WLAN silicon, firmware enhancements, and other hardware and software necessary to deliver the manageability use cases, security features, system performance, and stability that define the platform. See for details.

2Built into the hardware, Intel® Thread Director is provided only in performance hybrid architecture configurations of 12th Gen or newer Intel® Core™ processors; OS enablement is required. Available features and functionality vary by OS.