Intel® Deep Link Technology

Harness the power of Intel® CPUs and GPUs to unleash new levels of performance and efficiency with Intel® Deep Link technology. Pair select Intel® Core™ processors with Intel® Arc™ graphics, and reap the benefits enabled by Intel Deep Link technology across a variety of workloads.


Our Partners

"We are excited to see Intel becoming one of the major players in the discrete graphics space. We look forward to working together and optimize our video and photo editing software with Intel® Deep Link for these new processors, and deliver enhanced performance to our users."

Dr. Jau Huang

Chairman and CEO, CyberLink Corp

"Topaz Labs have integrated Intel’s Deep Link technology into our Gigapixel AI application, upscaling images with AI adding detail and clarity. Intel® Deep Link improved speed when processing multiple images.4 We are very excited about the prospects of joining Intel’s different compute engines together, to bring value to our users."

Albert Yang

CTO, Topaz Labs

"Practice has proved that the Intel® Deep Link technology can improve the performance and quality of Huya game live broadcast usage. Intel has always been our best partner, and we look forward to more deep technical cooperation in the future.4"

Mr. Tan Shunwen

GM of Media center, Huya

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Product and Performance Information


Performance varies by use, configuration and other factors. Learn more at


Requires Intel® Arc™ Control, to enable, download at


Feature only applicable to mobile platforms.


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'Superior' as compared to previous generation.