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Hennecke: Cutting Power Consumption by About 30 Percent

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Hennecke: Cutting Power Consumption by About 30 Percent
Business Need
Machine manufacturer Hennecke wanted to boost enterprise efficiency but was constrained by its IT infrastructure.
Guided by Dell consultants, the IT team chose virtualized Dell* servers and Dell/EMC* centralized storage.
Medium-sized companies can all too easily become caught up in IT complexity as they add systems to keep up with demands for processing power and storage. Virtualization is the ideal way for these companies to simplify IT and make the data center a driver for enterprise efficiency.
Based in Sankt Augustin near Bonn, Hennecke is a world leader in processing equipment for polyurethane, a highly versatile plastic. The company is renowned for its technological innovation and wanted to reflect this by creating a modern and environmentally sustainable IT infrastructure. It had accumulated 15 servers, which were expensive and time-consuming to run. What’s more, Hennecke’s storage solution, based on direct-attached storage arrays, was unreliable, difficult to manage and had insufficient capacity.
Peter Ruttka, Network and Server Systems Administrator at Hennecke, knew that virtualized servers and centralized storage would help solve the challenges. The company issued an invitation to tender and shortlisted four vendors, including Dell, which had served Hennecke well with desktops and laptops for a number of years. Ruttka and his team immediately realized that Dell offered a clear advantage. “Out of the four providers that tendered for our virtualization solution, only Dell was capable of delivering the whole solution. As such, we would avoid having to deal with multiple companies and therefore complete the project more quickly. We’re a medium-sized business with a small IT team, so this was an attractive proposition for us,” he says.
Dell WADI methodology helps determine optimum solution
Dell consultants organized a workshop at Hennecke’s premises to assess the company’s needs and design a solution to support the company for at least three years. The session, part of Dell’s Workshop, Assessment, Design & Implementation (WADI) methodology, convinced Hennecke to work with Dell. Says Ruttka: “As part of the Dell workshop, assessment, and design process, our Dell Account Manager brought in a technical expert who worked with us to define the best solution. This was great, because although we knew what outcome we wanted, we were unfamiliar with virtualization technology. Dell’s consultant helped ensure that we chose the right infrastructure.
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