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Ultrabook™ Convertible

Taking the top down on touch-screen laptops

Few people immediately think of touch-screen laptops when they hear the word “convertible.” Most of us still picture fancy cars with removable tops anytime we hear the word. But these days, convertible has taken on a completely new meaning – and when it comes to convertible touch-screen laptop computers like the Ultrabook™, it’s also a word that’s rapidly becoming synonymous with built-in performance, optimum flexibility, and maximum mobility.


What is an Ultrabook™ Convertible?1

Yes, it’s a touch-screen laptop, but an Ultrabook convertible is in a class of its own. The Ultrabook convertible offers you the best of both worlds: full PC performance and touch screen tablet fun that is sleek and responsive.


Full PC performance means you can experience your movies, photos, and games smoothly and seamlessly thanks to visual enhancements built into the Intel® Core™ processor. Tablet fun gives you the best touch-screen experience so you can zoom in on photos, easily play games with your fingertip, and watch movies without the bulk of a keyboard in your way.


What Does the Sleek, Responsive, and Secure Ultrabook™ Convertible Mean for You?

There’s a lot more to an Ultrabook convertible than meets the eye, but even we’ll admit that there are few devices as handsome. The Ultrabook convertible boasts a touch-screen experience that has a sleek, super-thin, and lightweight body that makes it easy to carry around.


Ultrabook is so responsive, it wakes up in a flash2 for you to touch, type, or talk, plus it’s always updated. The unparalleled responsiveness of the Ultrabook isn’t just there for the sake of convenience. Having the ability to wake up from sleep mode in a flash means that you don’t have to sit and wait to use it anytime you want to touch, type, or talk. Yet another bonus is that it’s always updated so you don’t have to waste valuable time downloading updates.


Ultrabook offers the security you trust to keep your files and your identity safe. It even protects your device from theft, through some smart and cutting-edge anti-theft protections. There’s theft detection, which locks down your Ultrabook if it misses a scheduled check-in time. When your device locks down, it makes it impossible for anyone to remove data or format your hard drive without a one-time password. Once that password is used to restore your Ultrabook, all of your data is quickly restored and your device is back to normal.

Trusted security. Enjoy a more secure computing experience. Your Ultrabook™ gives you more peace of mind when you start up your system and provides faster data encryption to keep your information safer without slowing you down.3 Intel® security technologies >

How Convertible Laptops Work

All convertible laptops have one central commonality: They can each physically transform from a traditional laptop to a fully responsive touch-screen tablet, and back again, in a matter of seconds. In some cases, the keyboard and screen detach. Others have double-sided screens that can be flipped and folded into tablet or laptop orientations. Still, more have a PC touch screen that can be swiveled or slid to reveal or conceal a built-in keyboard. And in some convertible designs that feature a dual-sided screen, it’s even possible for two people to use the same screen simultaneously: as a traditional laptop on one side, and as a tappable, swipeable tablet on the other.


The Affordability of Convertible Laptops

Are convertible laptop touch computers that affordable? The answer to that question is yes. And they’re even more affordable when you take into consideration two critical points that have been helping to fuel the popularity of notebook touchscreen PCs: the convenience factor and the single-purchase factor.


  • The Convenience Factor: People who are constantly on the go don’t like to be burdened with excess baggage. But when you’re forced to make the choice between bringing your laptop or your tablet PC with you, it’s always one aspect of daily life that loses out over the other. With a convertible laptop PC, you don’t have to make the hard choice between what you should be doing (work) and what you’d rather be doing (play). You can even alternate back and forth between the two and keep both sides of your brain satisfied.
  • The Single-Purchase Factor: The Ultrabook convertible laptop offers a lot more than convenience. Affordability is another key factor that could inform your buying decision, and for good reason. If you have a need for a laptop but also fancy the idea of having a touchscreen tablet at hand, buying an Ultrabook convertible makes it possible to have both without having to pay twice.
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1. Touch and convertibility may not be available on all models. Consult your Ultrabook™ manufacturer. For more information and details, visit www.intel.com/content/www/xa/en/sponsors-of-tomorrow/ultrabook.html.

2. Intel® Rapid Start Technology requires a select Intel® processor, Intel® software and BIOS update, and Intel® Solid-State Drive (Intel® SSD). Depending on system configuration, your results may vary. Contact your system manufacturer for more information.

3. No computer system can provide absolute security. Requires an enabled Intel® processor, enabled chipset, and firmware and software optimized to use the technologies. Consult your system manufacturer and software vendor for more information.