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Great All-in-One PCs for Kids to Play Free Online Games

You hear it constantly: Kids grow up fast. And you know how precious quality family time is, especially if you’re a working parent. Now there’s an easier way than ever to encourage, supervise, and even participate in your child’s development, from preschool through high school and beyond.


Stop and consider what all kids–and more than a few adults–love to do: Play games! Every day, more and more free online games for girls and boys are made available. On the Nickelodeon* games page, games are arranged in an easy-to-understand table of contents. Kids can find games to accompany their favorite cartoons and characters, like the super popular Power Rangers Samurai* games and the new Winx Club: Dress Me Up Too*. And with the new all-in-one PC as your state-of-the-art entertainment center, making a part of any living area into a safe place to play free online games is simple, without sacrificing style, space, or breaking your bank account.


Online Games for Kids; Entertainment Center for You

An all-in-one PC is a smart choice your whole family can use and enjoy. Pick a model with a 27-inch screen and the visuals will absolutely blow you and the kids away. For a more stylish look and efficient use of space, there’s even the option of a wall-mountable display.


There are all-in-one PCs with Blu-ray* disc drives, HDMI* integration and built-in TV tuning. Put all of these options together and you have the freedom to watch your favorite movies in high definition whenever you want, a gaming console connected directly to your PC, and faster streaming capabilities than you ever imagined.


Games for Life and Learning

According to the latest statistics, 65 percent of U.S. households play video games. And that number is steadily increasing by the day. What used to be the domain of young adult males is rapidly diversifying. Currently, two out of every five gamers is female. In addition, the popularity of online gaming is growing across all age levels. So whether it’s a Dora the Explorer* game for the youngest members of your family on Saturday mornings or Friday evening with you and your friends playing your favorite board games like Scrabble*, you get to play the games you want for free.


It’s also safe to say that if you have kids, they’re going to have homework. And an all-in-one PC with the ability to run skills-based learning games, like the ones from LeapFrog*, can help your children be prepared. Before they feel the sting of an upcoming spelling bee, let them play Alphabet Stew*. And watch as math problems aren’t so much of a problem once they’ve given Super Spin* a whirl. There’s even a health game called Sugar Bugs* that teaches kids to floss, brush their teeth, and practice good nutrition.


The All-in-One PC: Built-in Family Features

Choose the model that fits your family. In addition to those already mentioned, the all-in-one PC comes equipped with some or all of the following features:


  • An Intel® Core™ processor for fast, reliable performance
  • Touchscreen technology for hands-on navigation and intuitive control
  • Single cord plug-and-play with wireless mouse and keyboard
  • Built-in HD webcam and microphone allowing seamless networking, gaming, and teleconferencing
  • Integrated speakers for listening to your music playlists and amping up the enjoyment of your favorite games
  • Photo and video editing with Intel® Quick Sync Video1 and Intel® Clear Video HD Technology1


To see it in action, check out the all-in-one PC overview video today.


** Statistics source: Education Database Online.

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1. Includes Intel® HD Graphics, Intel® Quick Sync Video, Intel® Clear Video HD Technology  (Intel® CVT HD), Intel® InTru™ 3D Technology, and Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX). Whether you will receive the benefits of built-in visuals depends upon the particular design of the PC you choose. Consult your PC manufacturer whether built-in visuals are enabled on your system.