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Technology & Innovation

Technology & Innovation

  • Intel® Platform Innovation Framework
  • Mobilized Software Initiative (MSI)
  • Intel® Platform Administration Technology
  • E-Pen
  • Intel® VLT Pilot System
  • Intel® System Recovery Tool
  • Linux
  • Compiler
  • UPnP
  • EduPAD
  • XML

Platform Product

Intel® Platform Administration Technology (Intel® PAT)
A new computing platform was introduced by Intel to simplify the management and administration of computers and software applications in small and medium-sized computer networks. The new platform makes it easier for cost-sensitive organizations such as small businesses, Internet cafés and schools to maintain stable, more secure computing environments and minimize computer downtime without investing significant resources in PC management, addresses the needs of Internet cafés operation, such as software deployment and upgrade, system recovery and hard-disk protection, assets monitoring, etc.

Intel® PAT™ received the Excellent Software Product award on China International Software & Information Service Fair 2005 and helped Intel win the Best Solution Provider of Internet cafés Industry in China. Intel® PAT™ is revolutionizing the company’s product development and delivering more value to customers and it is created and developed by Intel China Software Center (SSG).

Intel Wireless Pen (E-Pen)
Intel Wireless Pen which is called E-Pen is a new input way and designed as a whole solution from low level hardware based on ultrasound/infrared technology, firmware, OS driver, middleware to high application.By the hands of E-Pen, people can write on pc screens, sign in digital documents, handwrite emails, and replay handwriting strokes more easily. Intel wireless pen largely improves your working efficiency.

EduPAD introduces a new method to link electronic content, like video, audio and image, together with the traditional paper book. EduPAD combines listening, speaking, reading and writing into one study environment, and make it more lively and attractive for children to learn language or other educational purpose application.

Intel® VLT Pilot System
Intel® VLT Pilot System is a brand-new Computer Assisted Language Learning platform that integrates language learning, training management, and content design. Featuring sophisticated speech analysis technology, Intel® VLT Pilot System allows users to improve their spoken English through a special focus on pronunciation and intonation. This emphasis allows for a more challenging and interesting English learning experience, enabling users to strive to progressively improve their spoken English until their fluency resembles that of a native speaker. The Intel® VLT Pilot System experience makes learning easy, efficient and enjoyable!

Intel® System Recovery Tool
Intel® System Recovery Tool is a value-add “on-board” software product that provides easy-to-use solutions for data backup and recovery, aimed at individuals who want to protect their system and personal data and small businesses that want to conveniently create and deploy uniform software configurations on their business computers.