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Software Program Highlights

Fostering education and driving new technologieswith the latest software training to preparing students and developers for software comupting consistently.

"All for Students, All for Talents, All for Innovations"

1. PRC University Program – Software Program

In 2006, Intel consolidated the PRC University Program - Software Program (“Software Program” hereafter) on the basis of former PRC Software College Program, to establish and enhance collaboration with universities for software related curriculum development and talents training.

Software Program, jointly conducted by Intel China Software and Services Group and PRC University Relations, extended from the software colleges to the software related schools, such as school of computer science and school of information. This program is based on the Software College Program which was initiated 3 years ago to collaborate with China Ministry to Education for its Software College project initiative. The collaboration scope and contents include various sub-programs, from curriculum development to joint talent education. And each year, new technology focuses are updated into university curriculum for talent training in line with industry latest technology advancement.

Intel is committed to collaborate with universities by enhancing the relationship and consolidating technology advantage. Especially for joint talent education, Intel provides the good internship environment at Intel Asia-Pacific Research & Development Ltd. for students, and assigns dedicated engineers to guide the interns on project and thesis writing.

PRC University Program – Software Program Components Overview

The goal of the Software Program is to support the software related schools at China universities for talent education by consolidating Intel’s advanced technology advantage, so as to contribute to the development of IT industry in China.

Sub-programs or components include:

  • Curriculum development: To improve and enhance the curriculum development at software related schools by providing Intel advanced technology and project practice. Intel offers technology material, faculty training and joint platform construction to assist the curriculum development for educating practical and sophisticated talents.
  • Joint platform construction: Intel donates hardware and software, and the partner university invests accordingly to joint setup the platform for both curriculum development and research.
  • Faculty training: Intel offers training workshops to university teachers. The faculty training is very important for the curriculum development and talent training. It is the foundation to educate qualified talents.
  • Joint research: Intel announces research focuses and calls for proposals to the partner universities annually, including software related research area, such as system software, compiler, HPC, workload. Such collaboration benefits to build up the research capabilities & innovation for both sides by exchanging and sharing research ideas.
  • Internship/joint talent education: Intel provides the good internship environment for students and assigns mentors to guide the intern’s project experience at Intel and his/her thesis writing. This is a joint talent education. Every year, Intel recruits qualified students as interns to support partner universities for student internship.


2. Remote Access

Develop, compile, test and debug your applications in a protected, remote environment using the latest Intel processors platforms, tools, and technologies. Test and optimize your applications in collaboration with other members of your development team. Visit the User Forum to learn how to code with pre-release Intel hardware from the comfort of your own lab.

  • You can:
    Port, test and validate your applications on various platforms with various operating systems.

  • You are:
    A member of the worldwide software development community, perhaps working for an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), who is involved in the Intel Early Access Program.

  • You get:
    Access to hardware and software often prior to the public release.

Intel provides early access to the latest processors, compilers, and tools, offering a substantial measure of stability and predictability in the development cycle to:

  • Reduce operational costs associated with managing bleeding edge systems and associated infrastructure.

  • Eliminate the need to assign resources to system upkeep for evolving platforms.

  • Insulate the production environment from downtime triggered by events in typical development activity.


Between pre-release access to Software Development Platforms (SDPs) and the ability to better plan, fund and deliver on schedule, Remote Access provides exciting and unique time-to-market opportunities.