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Expertise Teams

Here at SSG, where brilliant minds combine creative passion, we are proud of witnessing the products of intellect brought to life. It is the power of innovation at SSG that unites us all in together. Let’s Leap Ahead!

SSG software engineers come from the nation's top universities and research organizations, including esteemed universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, Chinese Academy of Science, China Science and Technology University, Beijing Institution of Technology, and Zhejiang University. A diverse collection of talents helps to contribute to the continuous innovative development of Intel China Software and Services Group.

We do have core technical and support teams:


System Software Division

System Software Division focuses on the development and innovation on Intel® core system software and platform technologies. Our core competencies include EFI/Framework firmware technologies, Linux*/open source technologies, Moblin, virtualization technologies, OpenSolaris, server performance benchmarks and workload optimization, runtime technologies and etc. Over the past decade, SSD PRC team has become an indispensable part of the larger Intel® global teams, also we made significant contribution to PRC local software and information industry.

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Manageability and Middleware Division

To develop and deliver of value-add technologies in manageability-related software and middleware products: (1) enable new Intel technologies; (2) create competitive advantage & differentiation; (3) capture direct value.

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Software Developer Relations

To build a strong and loyal local Software ecosystem and developer affinity around Intel platform by delivering a series of value added enabling programs and innovations. Exercise strong local government influence to create long term strategic partnership and new business opportunities for Intel and our ISV community.

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Developer Products Division

To create value for Intel and our customers by delivering high-quality software products: (1) Enable developers to use Intel processors & platforms to their advantage; (2) Enhance the differentiation between Intel platforms and competitive platforms and; (3) Provide broad continuous enabling by making these products successful commercial offerings.

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SSG China Innovation Center

SSG China Innovation Center faces to the local market and global newly developing fields, breeding, raising and proposing the development of software and service technologies and their application and promotion in the market. Our related tech fields include Web 2.0 platform, visual computing, mobile Internet applications, cloud computing and so on. Meanwhile, we also work closely with universities and research institutes in China to renovate technologies and train talents together.

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SSG PRC Cloud Computing

The transition to cloud computing is a disruptive industry trend. Although most cloud vendors and researchers focus on the server (data center) side of cloud computing, we actually put focus on both server side and client side, with the belief that ensuring end user experience on client side is also critical for accessing services delivered over the cloud. We tend to define the cloud computing scope as an end-to-end computing that consists of data center, client and networking.
SSG China has strong teams working on various aspects of cloud computing. We thoroughly study end-to-end cloud computing workload characteristics and scalability.

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