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CISIS Session Presentations

CISIS 2010 Session Presentations


Comprehend the Architecture of MeeGo and its Market Opportunities

Help you comprehend the architecture of MeeGo and its market opportunities thoroughly.


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Intel Software Tool Help Enhance the Performance of Your software

Intel's Ct technology provides a generalized data parallel programming solution that frees application developers from dependencies on particular low-level parallelism mechanisms or hardware architectures. You will know how to programming to produce scalable, portable, and deterministic parallel implementations, how to optimize the code to earn better performance, and how to debug.


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Intel® Data Center Manager (Intel® DCM): Monitor Power and Thermal

Introduce the practical application of Intel® DCM in IT environment.


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Multi-Core and Parallel Programming on Windows*

Intel brings simplified, end-to-end parallelism to Microsoft Visual Studio* C/C++ developers with Intel® Parallel Studio. Create parallel applications for the desktop and compete in a multi-core industry.


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