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Case Study Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 Product Family IT Infrastructure Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Enabling Integrated, Flexible & Highly Available IT Infrastructure For Unprecedented Media Delivery “Intel’s high performance server products and technologies helped in building the infrastructure in line with the availability and scalability requirements of the customer. The performance levels of Intel® Xeon® processor E5 increased the ability to run 120+ virtualized workloads, simplifying the IT infrastructure and reducing the capital cost and operating cost.” -Abhijeet Upponi, Vice President (Pre-Sales), NxtGen The Intel® Xeon® processor E5 product family enabled NxtGen to deliver a cloud-powered and more efcient IT infrastructure for Reliance Entertainment Digital Today, most multimedia content delivery and gaming service providers invest heavily in a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure that is available at all times to meet their data center requirements – both predicted and unpredicted – as multimedia content users & gamers’ interest levels and subsequently their usage patterns can be quite volatile. A solution that can support this varying user demand without negatively affecting their experience is invaluable. NxtGen, with its unique offering off highly efcient solutions in the data center & cloud space, was presented with the challenge of developing and deploying a solution that could provide all this and more for Reliance Entertainment Digital Limited (REDL), the digital arm of Reliance Entertainment (ADA Group), one of the largest media houses in the country, with interests in online media delivery, online gaming solution and e-commerce portal. Challenges • Traditional Server Platform: REDL which was affecting the delivery of online • Consolidated & Cost-Effective: The need would simplify the IT infrastructure and • High-Performance: REDL needed a highly the high compute power required for video streaming. • Minimal Downtime: Another key focus for as possible. • Seamless Migration: Moving huge volume needed to happen with minimum needed to limit their reliance on physical servers, multimedia content. of the hour was a common platform that reduce capital & operating costs. capable cloud-computing platform to handle resource-intensive online gaming applications and REDL was to minimize downtime as much of data and switching from the current setup disturbance to business. Solutions • Enterprise Cloud Services from NxtGen: model that encapsulates delivering central • High Performance, High Availability deployed extremely powerful servers with Processors E5-4640, 256 DDR3 1600 to the host Operating System, Intel® 4 Port Provided Data Center as a Service, a hybrid IT Platform as a Service, for REDL. Resource Servers Powered by Intel: NxtGen each server consisting of four Intel® Xeon® MHz Memory, 2x120GB Intel® SSD Drives mirrored GE Ethernet Cards, & Dual HBA FC Cards. “As part of our commitment to the cloud service provider market, Intel worked with NxtGen in order to help congure the solution for REDL. The Intel® Xeon® processor E5 product family helps in decreasing data center power costs and is powering NxtGen Compute Cloud Services, delivered to Reliance Entertainment Digital Limited Services. ” - Srinivas S Tadigadapa, Director, Enterprise Solution Sales, Intel South Asia “The higher processing and compute power of Intel® Xeon® processor E5 helped in increasing the efciency and customer experience Read the full Case Study Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 Product Family IT Infrastructure Enterprise Cloud Solutions.

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