Small Business Profile: Caffelli

Caffelli is a full service integrated branding agency in Portland, OR founded in 2010. As a startup company, Caffelli was challenged to scale their IT capabilities quickly to meet their expanding needs. They chose to deploy an on-premise Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 family- based server with Intel® RAID Controller RMS2AF080 to serve as the foundation of their small business’ data, wh...ile leveraging the availability, scalability and pay-as-you go model of business applications in the cloud. Marc Anteparra-Naujock, Executive Creative Director, provides more details on Caffelli’s IT configuration: Fast—and Affordable—File Storage and Backup Our Intel Xeon processor-based server with Intel RAID Controller RMS2AF080 is screaming fast on our small gigabit LAN. At any given time we have users rendering 3D models on the server, while others are saving multi-gigabyte Adobe Photoshop* files—all without skipping a beat. With the performance and flexibility of our Intel Xeon processor E3 family-based server, Caffelli gets reliability plus the ability to expand our IT capacity down the road. We don’t backup to the cloud—it would be far too expensive for the amount of data we have. We love having an on-premise server for file sharing and storage because we can access files simultaneously and extremely quickly. Bandwidth is also a critical element of our IT infrastructure. Every second spent waiting for a file to transfer is efficiency lost. Combining a hardware-based Intel® RAID solution with true gigabit Ethernet keeps our systems moving quickly—even when we’re working with the very large file sizes used in creative design applications. “What’s amazing is that just a few years ago implementing these types of remote connection technologies was cost-prohibitive, making start-ups less sustainable and less competitive.” —Marc Anteparra-Naujock, Executive Creative Director, Caffelli VPN We conduct events all around the world, and some of us have virtual offices while we travel that hinge on VoIP and the ability to reliably and securely connect via VPN back to our main office. What’s amazing is that just a few years ago implementing these types of remote connection technologies was cost-prohibitive, making start-ups less sustainable and less competitive. Now, our Intel Xeon E3 processor-based server is at the heart of our private datacenter and enables us to stay connected and have seamless access to our network, regardless of where our work takes us. File Delivery We don’t FTP anymore—I think it is a thing of the past. It takes far too much time to manage and is an archaic method of file delivery. As a design agency, we still need to send large-size HD video and animation files to our clients and large-format print files to our printers. Our clients want to click, download, and review our files without any hassles. They look to us for the latest ways to easily work, collaborate and share online. We use a cloud-based file sharing service so our staff can quickly send files from our Intel Xeon processor-based RAID storage configuration without slowing down anyone’s workflow. Cloud-based Applications Microsoft Office* 365 with Microsoft Exchange* hosted email in Read the full Small Business Profile: Caffelli.

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