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Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS25JB Family

Low-cost SAS-2 with mirroring, striping, and JBOD mode for Intel® Server Boards and Systems

Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS25JB Family

Key Features

  • One or two 8087 connectors for up to eight internal SAS/SATA ports
  • x8 PCI Express* Generation 31 interface for fast communication with the server board
  • LSI* SAS2308 IOC controller providing SAS 2.0 compliance including 6Gb/s data transfer and compatibility with SAS or SATA drives

High-speed Data, Small Hardware Footprint

Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS25JB080 and RMS25JB040 are ideal for servers and workstations needing high-speed data transfer within a small hardware footprint; it delivers a 1U capable design with high throughput for internal storage applications. Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS25JB080 and RMS25JB040 provide SAS capability that allows compatibility with 6 Gb/s and 3 Gb/s SAS and SATA hard drives and SAS expander devices.

While many other SAS controllers are driven by large RAID software stacks between the host CPU and controller, the RMS25JB family uses the embedded CPU in the LSI 2308 ASIC* to perform RAID 0, 1, and 1E/10 operations. With the reduction in RAID overhead, the RMS25JB family offers superior internal READ/WRITE performance.

Target Applications

The Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS25JB family is categorized as an entry-level product.

Key Advantages

System design flexibility

1U-capable SAS RAID module connects to the Storage I/O expansion slot available on select Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600-based server boards. This module can be used in Intel and 3rd party chassis without the need for a riser card or low profile cutout.

Cost-effective data protection

Provides a low-cost RAID 0, 1, and 1E/10 solution for entry-level server and workstation environments where high performance and reliable data protection are required.

Excellent performance and ultra thin driver

LSI Fusion-MPT* architecture and LSI2308* I/O Controller provides up to 700,000 I/Os1 per second while communicating over the PCI Express* 3.0 Host Bus.2

Highly scalable SAS or SATA storage

Connect SAS or SATA devices within the array. Employs JBODs (Just a Bunch of Disks) with support of up to 512 physical devices, or RAID 0, 1, 1E/10 with up to 10 devices.

Additional information12

Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS25JB Family Information and Resources

Product Specifications

Product Order Codes RMS25JB040 RMS25JB080

Board form factor

Storage IO slot module Storage IO slot module

Data transfer rate



Supported devices SAS/SATA SAS/SATA

Compatible battery backup options



RAID level supported

0, 1, 1E, 10, JBOD

0, 1, 1E

# of ports internal



# of ports external



# of devices supported



Embedded memory



PCIe* host interface

PCI Express* 2 x8

PCI Express 2 x8

I/O processor model



Extended warranty Available for purchase (select countries)



Included items RAID Controller module, Quick Start User Guide, Mounting standoffs RAID Controller module, Quick Start User Guide, Mounting standoffs. Note: Cables sold separately
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Product and Performance Information


1. Actual performance may vary. At launch, performance will be limited to the PCIe* Generation 2.0 maximum of 400,000 IOPs.

2. At launch, compatibility will be limited to PCIe* Generation 2. PCIe* Generation 3 support is anticipated to be added by June 2012 and will require a module with a manufacture date that follows the addition of PCIe Generation 3 support.