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Give Your Customers a Unique Shopping Experience with Intelligent Kiosks

Deliver the "wow" with Intel technology

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Personalizing the self-service retail experience

Kiosks are getting a 21st century makeover that extends their reach beyond their physical footprint, touching on the shopper's senses of sound and smell to invite interaction. High-definition video and audio, combined with highly attractive aromas—such as fresh-brewed coffee or cooking spices—are attracting audiences and promoting sales in stores the world over.

Intelligent kiosks today are more than informational centers. These Internet-connected, full-service shopping assistants can tune-in to shopper behavior and support social media activity—all while helping customers organize lists, consider ideas, locate merchandise, and pay for merchandise. Using near-field communications technology enabled on cell phones and rewards cards, these clever devices can also detect the presence of returning shoppers and present them with offers designed specifically for them. Add the possibility of sampling, and interactive kiosks become an engaging way to promote new products or brands.

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Mobile extensions are just the beginning

Incorporating mobile applications is just one of the ways to expand the kiosk experience. Retailers can deliver incentives to mobile devices, better identify candidates for up-sell and cross-sell, and send e-receipts to those shoppers who paid for items at the kiosk. This gives them an opportunity to deliver coupons for their next purchase, encouraging repeat visits and loyalty.

Kiosks are strategic to the omni-channel

Kiosks provide a vital link in the retail omni-channel, where shoppers enjoy a consistent and seamless engagement regardless of the device or channel the person is using. When in-store kiosks connect to the Web, social media, and mobile devices, they become an important omni-channel conduit and an engaging access point to a wealth of information—for consumers and retailers alike.

Save energy, reduce expenses with remote management

Managing kiosks over a network with Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) improves power management and security options such as remote power on or off. Because administrators can manage systems from a central location, they can easily power down all kiosks on the network overnight. This not only increases energy savings, but also reduces the need for technicians to go on-site for system maintenance, further lowering operational expenses.

Delivery of digital content to every screen

Optimizing the customer experience is the focus of Intel® Retail Client Manager (Intel® RCM), an intelligent software solution that enables you to deliver digital content to every screen, including kiosks, with greater impact, when and where it matters most. Reach specific audiences in a timely manner, remotely manage your messages in near real time, and launch customized content dynamically.

Count and analyze audiences on the fly

Transform your kiosk into an intelligent, situation-aware content system using Intel® Audience Impression Metric Suite (Intel® AIM Suite). This powerful analytics technology senses viewer responsiveness and determines gender and age group, then adapts messages accordingly. Intel® AIM Suite can also measure the duration of a person's gaze, further enhancing your ability to track consumer behavior, adapt messages, and measure return on investment (ROI). Use Intel® AIM Suite to better understand your shoppers in ways that will help you optimize your engagement and sales.

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