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Innovative Vending Solutions Deliver New Value to Retailers

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Innovative Vending Solutions Deliver New Value to Retailers

Interactive vending machines are redefining customer self-service experiences and helping brands expand market share and increase profits.

By 2015, an estimated 35.2 million vending machines will be installed worldwide, according to a report by Global Industry Analysts.

Driven by demand for self-service convenience and fueled by increased discretionary spending and rising levels of employment, the on-the-go vending industry is on a steep growth trajectory.

For retailers, vending machines offer new opportunities for financial upside, brand visibility, and customer engagement. Today’s vending machines can literally fit in a hole in the wall or be configured to span an entire wall, allowing brick-and-mortar brands to sell products from a broader range of locations and reach their core audiences where they live and work with focused, automated micro-stores.

Additionally, with today’s technology capabilities, vending machines are intelligent, interactive, can handle multiple modes of transaction types, and sell a multitude of products—from soda and snacks to blue jeans and Bluetooth* devices—further expanding their retail potential.

VE Global Vending is helping the retail industry capitalize on this growing market by combining cutting edge technologies with robust software and focused hardware innovations. Retailers, agencies, and solution providers define the customer’s user experience and bring it to life using VE Global Vending’s powerful solution platform. Once deployed, vending end-points look like miniature retail stores to help brands expand their reach, grow their market share, engage more customers, and increase their bottom line.

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