Intel® vPro™ Technology Resource Kit

What is the Intel® vPro™ Technology Resource Kit?

The Intel® vPro™ technology resource kit is a downloader tool that is a compilation of tools, utilities, and supporting documentation to simply educate you and easily walk you through the implementation of Intel vPro technology. Using the easy-to-use downloader tool, you can choose which items to download to your computer. Simply check the items you want and the downloader will get the latest version for you from the Intel website. 

What is the Intel® vPro™ technology resource kit?

How will the Intel vPro technology resource kit benefit customers?

This kit provides Intel customers with the resources they need in ONE simple location:

  • Understand the value of Intel vPro technology to make informed purchasing decisions
  • Understand how to prepare and resource configuration projects for success
  • Implement solutions that take advantage of Intel vPro technology using step-by-step instructions and free sample code

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