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Where to Buy: Growing Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors Adoption

Companies Offering Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor-Based Systems

Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors, based on the Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel® MIC Architecture), complements the industry-leading performance and energy-efficiency of the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family to enable dramatic performance gains for some of today’s most demanding highly parallel applications. The following companies have announced support of Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor-based solutions.

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Acer Inc.
  E-mail: hpcsolutions@acer.com
Website: Visit Acer
  Phone: 408-988-9888 USA
E-mail: Sales@acmemicro.com
Website: Visit Acme
Advanced Clustering
  Contact: Kyle Sheumaker
Phone: 913-643-0305
E-mail: ksheumaker@advancedclustering.com
Website: Visit Advanced Clustering
  Contact: Magic Pao
Phone: +886-2-2792-7818 (EXT. 1536)
E-mail: magic.pao@advantech.com.tw
Website: Visit Advantech
Aeon Computing
  Contact: Doug Johnson
Phone: 619-316-3940
E-mail: doug.johnson@aeoncomputing.com
Website: Visit Aeon Computing
  Phone: 800-800-6328
E-mail: aitsales@amax.com
Website: Visit AMAX
  Website: Visit Arbyte
  E-mail: chris_liang@asus.com (for North American sales)
E-mail: brian_lin@asus.com (for European Union sales)
Website: Visit Asus
  Website: Visit Atipa
Bell Technologies
  Website: Visit Bell Technologies
BOXX Technologies
  Website: Visit BOXX Technologies
  Contact: Pascale Bernier-Bruna
Phone: +33-(0)-1-30-80-70-00
E-mail: pascale.bernier-bruna@bull.net
Website: Visit Bull
"Our benchmark team has been testing Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors for several months now. We found that the coprocessors provide incredible parallel performance while minimizing code porting time. We are proud to state that our bullx servers will include Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors to bring customers high value-added HPC solutions." — Michel Guillemet, VP Innovative Products, Bull
CIARA Technologies
  Website: Visit CIARA Technologies
  Contact: Cirrascale Sales Dept.
Phone: 888-942-3800
E-mail: sales@cirrascale.com
Website: Visit Cirrascale
  Contact: Christopher Huggins
E-mail: christopher.huggins@clustervision.com
Website: Visit ClusterVision
Colfax International
  Contact: Mike Fay
Phone: 408-730-2275
E-mail: mike@colfax-intl.com
Website: Visit Colfax
"Colfax has consistently been first to market with innovative solutions that maximize performance for our customers in high performance computing (HPC) and enterprise segments. Thanks to our close relationship with Intel and engagement in the early testing program, Colfax is uniquely qualified and positioned to provide a complete portfolio of products to support the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor." — Gautam Shah, CEO, Colfax International
Cray Inc.
  Contact: Maria McLaughlin
Phone: 408-888-6661
E-mail: mmclaugh@cray.com

Contact: Jay Gould
Phone: 206-902-7520
E-mail: jaygould@cray.com
Website: Visit Cray Inc.
  "The Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors are currently available in our Cray Xtreme-X* product line, and will soon be available in our new, high-end Cray XC30* supercomputer. The Intel® MIC Architecture features a strong balance of performance, programmability, and power efficiency, and combining the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors with our innovative supercomputing technologies allows us to provide our customers with a comprehensive portfolio of supercomputing solutions that are unmatched for balance, scalability, reliability, and price/performance on real-world applications." — Barry Bolding, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Cray Inc.
  E-mail: sales@dalco.ch
Website: Visit DALCO
  E-mail: liyonggang@dayang.com.cn
Website: Visit Dayang
Dedicated Computing
  Contact: Darin Wenger
Phone: 262-953-1517
E-mail: darin.wenger@dedicatedcomputing.com
Website: Visit Dedicated Computing
Dell Computers
  Contact your local Dell representative
Website: Visit Dell Computers
  "Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors will complement the Dell servers most often used by our HPC customers, enabling those customers to spend more time discovering and less time developing. Texas Advanced Computing Center’s Stampede cluster built with Dell’s C8220x* will use the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor in some of the most critical areas of discovery in science and research." — Sally Stevens, Vice President of Server Platform Marketing, Dell Computers
DELTA Computer
  E-mail: sales@deltacomputer.de
Website: Visit DELTA Computer
  Contact: Yong Hwan Choi
Phone: +82-10-7447-5764
E-mail: yhchoi@dreamsysnet.com
Website: Visit DreamSysNet
E4 Computer Engineering
  Contact: Luca Oliva
E-mail: info@e4company.com
Website: Visit E4 Computer Engineering
Eurotech Group
  Contact: Giovanbattista Mattiussi
E-mail: giovanbattista.mattiussi@eurotech.com
Website: Visit Eurotech Group
  "Leveraging Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors and the Eurotech HPC engineering capabilities, the Aurora Tigon* successfully combines performance, energy efficiency, and programmability. With the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor entirely hot-water cooled, the Aurora Tigon brings together three distinctive advantages: energy savings, an incredible parallel performance, and ease of program. In other words, it allows users to decrease time to solution, complexity, and energy bills, all with the deployment of a single HPC system!" — Giampietro Tecchiolli, Executive VP and CTO, Eurotech Group
Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH
  Contact: www.fujitsu.com/fts/about/fts/contact/index.html
Website: Visit Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH
  "Fujitsu is excited to begin taking preorders for PRIMERGY RX350* and CX400* systems with Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor 5110P. We are also announcing future support for Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors on our PRIMERGY TX300 system and CELSIUS* workstation. We expect Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors integrated in PRIMERGY to provide incredible parallel performance and minimize our customers time to solution by using a familiar programming model and leveraging existing code." — Naoya Tamura, General Manager Global HPC, Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH
  Phone: +886-8912-94000
Website: Visit Gigabyte
  Website: Visit Hitachi
  Website: Visit HP
  "The pursuit of innovation in research and digital media drives HPC users like NREL and DreamWorks to seek increasing levels of application performance, Integrating Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors into the dense and intelligent infrastructure of HP ProLiant* Gen8 servers allows us to deliver maximum computational power to our customers." — Paul Santeler, Vice President and General Manager, Hyperscale Business Unit, HP
  Contact your local IBM representative
Website: Visit IBM
  "IBM is expanding our relationship with Intel, enabling the IBM Platform HPC management software to provide built-in management support for Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors, automatically allocating the coprocessors to applications best suited to use them. As a result, applications can run more quickly — speeding client results while providing improved system management and infrastructure utilization. The IBM System x* iDataPlex dx360 M4 will be IBM’s first server enabled for the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors and will be shipping broadly to clients with Intel’s general availability date." — Bob Galush, Vice President, IBM
Inspur Worldwide Services Ltd.
  Contact: Shilei Liu
Phone: +86-10-82581051
Website: Visit Inspur Worldwide Services Ltd.
  "We are happy to announce that we are taking orders today and shipping the NF5280M3* systems with Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor 5110P. We will also support the future versions of the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor once they are launched. Inspur had more than 1 year of cooperation with Intel on Xeon Phi system development. We believe these new systems will provide excellent performance by familiar programming model, and reduce migration workload by using existing code." — Qing Zhang, Chief Architect of Inspur HPC Business, Inspur Worldwide Services Ltd.
  Contact: Sales
Phone: +7-495-969-2400
E-mail: info@kraftway.ru
Website: Visit Kraftway
  E-mail: shixd@lenovo.com
Website: Visit Lenovo
  Website: Visit Matrox
  Contact: André Singer
E-mail: andre.singer@megware.com
Website: Visit MEGWARE
Microway, Inc.
  Contact: Eliot Eshelman
E-mail: eliote@microway.com

Contact: Brett Newman
E-mail: brett.newman@microway.com
Website: Visit Microway
NEC Corporation
  Website: Visit NEC Corporation
  "NEC Corporation is excited to announce that our Express5800* server series will support the new Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor to provide leading-edge parallel performance in segments like real-time image processing applications. We also plan to support Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors in our HPC cluster solution LX* series server lineup. We would like to continue to deliver the highest levels of parallel solutions to our customers closely partnering with Intel." — Takao Maruyama, Associate Senior Vice President, NEC Corporation
Netweb India
  E-mail: sales@netwebindia.com
Website: Visit Netweb India
  Phone: +65 6275 1393
Address: Singapore, 1 Jalan Kilang Timor #08-05, Pacific Tech Centre, 159303
E-mail: sls@novatte.com
Website: Visit Novatte
Penguin Computing
  Website: Visit Penguin Computing
  Website: Visit PowerLeader
  Contact: Eric Lesser
Phone: 949-380-7288
Address: 20432 North Sea Circle, Lake Forest, CA 92630
E-mail: eric@pssclabs.com
Quanta Computer
  Contact: Peter Hsieh
Phone: +886-3-3272345 ext.11633
E-mail: peter.hsieh@quantatw.com
Website: Visit Quanta Computer
RSC Group
  Contact: Oleg Gorbachov
Phone: +7-967-052-50-85
E-mail: oleg.gorbachov@rsc-skif.ru
Website: Visit RSC Group
Seneca Data Distributors
  Contact: Kevin Jaskolka
Phone: 315-433-1160 x3402
E-mail: kevinj@senecadata.com
Website: Visit Seneca Data Distributors
SGI - Silicon Graphics International Corp.
  Contact: Bill Mannel
Phone: 510-933-5243
E-mail: mannel@sgi.com
Website: Visit SGI
  “The SGI UV 2000* is a cache-coherent shared memory system just like your workstation, except that it scales well beyond the industry scale-up limit of eight sockets and Terabytes of memory. Now, when the sockets can be paired with Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors, the combination provides in-memory computing at an extreme scale. Customers such as The Genome Analysis Centre and COSMOS can accelerate finding answers to the most data-intensive challenges on a platform which can run many of the software tools that scientists, developers and analysts are familiar with on their Linux* workstations or desktops.” — Dr. Eng Lim Goh, CTO, SGI
SGS Systems
  Contact: Sanjay Bansal
Phone: +91 9811168724
E-mail: sanjay.bansal@sgsystems.net

Contact: Pankaj Babbar
Phone: +91 9811204645
E-mail: Pankaj@sgsystems.net
Website: Visit SGS Systems
Silicon Mechanics
  Website: Visit Silicon Mechanics
  E-mail: zhaojj@sugon.com
Website: Visit Sugon
  Phone: 400-860-6560
E-mail: Inquiry@AMAXIT.net
Website: Visit SuperCluster
  E-mail: marketing@supermicro.com
Website: Visit Supermicro
  “Supermicro supports Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors across our high-performance server and workstation product lines. Our computing platforms achieve higher parallel processing capability with the Intel® MIC architecture based on Intel Xeon Phi. Unified with Intel® Xeon® processors utilizing common instruction sets and Intel Xeon Phi multiple programming models, it is easier to port parallel computing applications in the hybrid environment and take advantage of the powerful processing resources of Supermicro’s HPC platforms. This opens the door for engineering, scientific and research fields to dramatically accelerate application performance with minimal investment in development.” — Tau Leng, Vice President of HPC, Supermicro
SVET Computers
  Website: Visit SVET Computers
  Contact: Dr. Alfred Geiger
Phone: +49-151-12132995
E-mail: alfred.geiger@t-systems.com
Website: Visit T-Systems
  Website: Visit Tekwind
  E-mail: hpc@transtec.de
Website: Visit Transtec
  Contact: Carlos Vidal
E-mail: carlos.vidal@tyan.com
Website: Visit Tyan
  E-mail: sathiya.narayanan3@wipro.com
Website: Visit Wipro
Workstation Specialists (a division of AceCad Software Ltd)
  Contact: Paul MacFarlane
Phone: +44 800 180 4801
E-mail: pmacfarlane@wksmail.com
Website: Visit Workstation Specialists
WuXi Hooda
  E-mail: tom@hooda.com
Website: Visit WuXi Hooda
  E-mail: sales@xenon.com.au
Website: Visit Xenon