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® Intel Core™2 Duo Desktop ® ® Processor, Intel Pentium Dual ® Core Processor, and Intel ® Pentium 4 Processor 6x1 Sequence

Thermal and Mechanical Design Guidelines ® – Supporting the Intel Core™2 Duo desktop processor ® ® E6000 and E4000 sequences, Intel Pentium Dual Core ® ® Processor E2000 sequence, and Intel Pentium 4 processor 6x1 sequence at 65 W June 2007 Document Number: 313685-004 THIS DOCUMENT AND RELATED MATERIALS AND INFORMATION ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” WITH NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, NON-INFRINGEMENT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, OR ANY WARRANTY OTHERWISE ARISING OUT OF ANY PROPOSAL, SPECIFICATION, OR SAMPLE. INTEL ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY ERRORS CONTAINED IN THIS DOCUMENT AND HAS NO LIABILITIES OR OBLIGATIONS FOR ANY DAMAGES ARISING FROM OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OF THIS DOCUMENT. Intel products are not intended for use in medical, life saving, life sustaining, critical control or safety systems, or in nuclear facility applications. Intel Corporation may have patents or pending patent applications, trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights that relate to the presented subject matter. The furnishing of documents and other materials and information does not provide any license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to any such patents, trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights. Intel may make changes to specifications and product descriptions at any time, without notice. Intel accepts no duty to update specifications or product descriptions with information. Designers must not rely on the absence or characteristics of any features or instructions marked “reserved” or “undefined.” Intel reserves these for future definition and shall have no responsibility whatsoever for conflicts or incompatibilities arising from future changes to them. The hardware vendor remains solely responsible for the design, sale and functionality of its product, including any liability arising from product infringement or product warranty. Intel provides this information for customer’s convenience only. Use at your own risk. Intel accepts no liability for results if customer chooses at its discretion to implement these methods within its business operations. Intel makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. Copies of documents which have an order number and are referenced in this document, or other Intel literature, may be obtained by calling 1-800-548-4725, or by visiting . ® ® ® The Intel Core™2 Duo desktop processor E6000/E4000 sequence, Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor E2000 sequence, and ® ® Intel Pentium 4 Processor 6x1 sequence may contain design defects or errors known as errata, which may cause the product to deviate from published specifications. Current characterized errata are available on request. Intel processor numbers are not a measure of performance. Processor numbers differentiate features within each processor family, not across different processor families. Over time processor numbers will increment based on changes in clock, speed, cache, FSB, or other features, and increments are not intended to represent proportional or quantitative increases in any particular feature. Current roadmap processor number progression is not necessarily representative of future roadmaps. See for details. Intel, Pentium, Intel Core, Intel Inside, and Read the full ® Intel Core™2 Duo Desktop ® ® Processor, Intel Pentium Dual ® Core Processor, and Intel ® Pentium 4 Processor 6x1 Sequence.

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