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Intel® PRO/1000 Quad Port Bypass Server Adapters

Intel® PRO/1000 Quad Port Bypass Server Adapters

The Intel® PRO/1000 PT and PF Quad Port Bypass Server Adapters provide in-line server appliances, such as Intrusion Protection Servers (IPSes), with high-performance, low-latency, in-line connectivity, and a bypass mode to ensure business continuity. These adapters also use the PCI Express* serial bus for greater throughput, and they support Intel® I/O Acceleration Technology (Intel® I/OAT) for further performance enhancement, including the reduced overhead so important to IPS applications.

The Intel® PRO/1000 PT and PF Quad Port Bypass Server Adapters are intended for use by equipment manufacturer hardware designers in application-specific in-line server appliances, where a bypass mode is desirable. Given that equipment manufacturers typically write specific software applications for their in-line platforms, Intel only provides open source reference drivers for these adapters. Interested hardware designers may contact their local Intel representative for additional product or purchase information.

Features and Benefits

Two Intel® 82571GB controllers Enables four Gigabit connections in a single adapter, delivering increased bandwidth for slot-constrained servers
Bypass Mode Programmable bypass mode features real-time control, fail-open or close upon power failure detection, and watchdog timer
IEEE 802.3ab compatibility Support for Gigabit Ethernet industry-wide networking standard
RoHS compliant1, lead-free2 technology Compliant with the new European Union directive (effective July 2006) to reduce the use of hazardous materials
Compatible with x4, x8, and x16 full-height and low-profile PCI Express* slots Allows quad-port operation in almost any PCI Express* server slot, except x1 slots, and allows each port to operate without interfering with the others
Intel I/O Acceleration Technology Moves data more efficiently through new Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers for fast, scaleable, and reliable network performance.
NIC-in-front versions Provides a front-panel connector and LED and cable assemblies to allow port access and LED displays at the front of the server

Gigabit-over-Copper Advantages

Gigabit speeds on Category-5 cable networks Achieves Gigabit speeds on commonly deployed CAT-5 cabling without costly cable replacements
Compatible with Fast Ethernet Reduces training costs and quickly ramps rollout
Auto-sensing, self-configuring 10/100/1,000-Mbps performance Adapters will automatically sense when the network is able to support a faster speed, and self-configure to save IT staff time, money, and server downtime

Gigabit-over-Fiber Advantages

LC connectors Small connector design is compatible with the latest fiber-optic cabling standards
1000BASE-SX multi-mode fiber Ensures compatibility with fiber-optic cable lengths up to 275 meters

Product Information

Product Brief (PDF, 1.58MB)

Related Info

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Product and Performance Information


1. Lead and other materials banned in RoHS Directive are either (1) below all applicable substance thresholds the EU or (2) an approved/pending exemption applies.

2. Lead has not been intentionally added, but lead may still exist as an impurity below 1000 ppm, or an approved RoHS exemption applies.