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Gaming PC Performance with Intel® Technology

Customize your gaming PC and optimize your system performance with Intel® processors, overclocking tools, and built-in Intel® Graphics.

Jordan n0thing Gilbert’s Path to eSports Stardom

Improving skills led n0thing into competitive eSports, but fine-tuning his PC helps him outplay others.

How Virtual Reality Works

Three experts discuss new games and gear, as well as answer how virtual reality works.

Pimp Your PC: Overclocking Goes Mainstream

Once the practice of enthusiasts, now anyone can reap the benefits of increased computer speeds by overclocking.

Intel® NUC Gaming Usage Visual

Visual highlights the features of the Intel® NUC that make it ideal for gaming, including cloud streaming, gigabit LAN, HDMI*, and Bluetooth*.

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Intel® NUC: A Pint-Sized Powerhouse with Stunning Visuals

Discover the benefits of the pint-sized powerhouse, the Intel® NUC, that produces stunning visuals and responsive performance in a small footprint.

Experience Immersive Gaming with Intel® NUC

Poster: Experience immersive gaming with Intel® NUC, with a form factor as small as a game controller, but as powerful as a dragon slayer.

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Biofeedback Games Feed off Human Inputs

Biofeedback games challenge players to keep calm as they navigate haunted houses, overcome obstacles and manage the fight-or-flight response.

The Evolution of the LAN Party

Eschewing party favors and balloons for processing power and bandwidth, a LAN party puts PCs and players to the test.

New Processors Give Mobile Gamers a Competitive Edge

New processors have features that give gamers a ticket to thrive in new computer gaming trends, from 4K displays to immersive depth camera interaction