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Biofeedback Games Feed off Human Inputs

Biofeedback games challenge players to keep calm as they navigate haunted houses, overcome obstacles and manage the fight-or-flight response.

The Evolution of the LAN Party

Eschewing party favors and balloons for processing power and bandwidth, a LAN party puts PCs and players to the test.

New Processors Give Mobile Gamers a Competitive Edge

New processors have features that give gamers a ticket to thrive in new computer gaming trends, from 4K displays to immersive depth camera interaction

Experience Immersive Gaming with Intel® NUC

Poster: Experience immersive gaming with Intel® NUC, with a form factor as small as a game controller, but as powerful as a dragon slayer.

Preview | Download

Pimp Your PC: Overclocking Goes Mainstream

Once the practice of enthusiasts, now anyone can reap the benefits of increased computer speeds by overclocking.

The Rise of Women in eSports

Slowly but surely, the boys club of competitive gaming is breaking down as women in eSports become a common occurrence.

Is Your PC Ready for Virtual Reality?

Many casual and newbie gamers will need to upgrade in order to have the right equipment to enhance VR for PC entertainment.

Could New Gaming Titles Unite eSports Fans?

The genre-bending competitive games releasing in the next year have the potential to bring the usually divided fan bases of eSports together.

Jordan n0thing Gilbert’s Path to eSports Stardom

Improving skills led n0thing into competitive eSports, but fine-tuning his PC helps him outplay others.

Setting the Gold Standard for PC Gaming in eSports

Learn how regulation rigs built with top-of-the-line components help maintain the integrity of an eSports tournament.