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Intel® Distributor Resource Center: SSD Banner Downloads

Repository for Intel banners for use by Intel® Authorized Distributors includes general, desktop, server, networking, and solid-state drive banners.

OEM Computing Solutions

Access a web page to learn more about Arrow* and Kontron*’s partnership to provide OEM computing solutions for embedded systems.

Avnet* Digital Signage

Access Avnet Inc.’s Brilliant Digital Signage web site to learn more about complete signage solutions.

NI PXI-8111* Embedded Controller with Windows Enhances Performance

Information about the high-performance NI PXI-8111* embedded controller with Windows for modular instrumentation and data acquisition applications.

NI PXI-8110 RT* Real-Time Controller Enhances Performance

Information about the NI PXI-8110 RT* real-time controller with LabVIEW Real-Time* for test and controller applications, including specs and pricing.

Download Ubuntu* for Your Desktop

Find the latest Ubuntu* free download, with OS recommendations, instructions, and suggestions on safe installation.

Open Manageability Developer Tool Kit

Use the Open Manageability Developer Tool Kit to understand Intel® vPro™ technology benefits and assist in development and testing.

HSS Channel Driver for Asterisk*: Install Package

Install Package: Download and install the HSS channel driver for Asterisk* to use with Intel® EP80579 software for IP telephony applications.

Vineyard Networks Network Application Visibility Library*

Next-generation Deep Packet Inspection software engine provides real-time, Layer-7 classification of network traffic.