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Virtualización para entornos industriales

Las plataformas de virtualización listas para aplicaciones simplifican la consolidación de subsistemas anteriormente discretos con compatibilidad para entornos industriales.

Virtualização para ambientes industriais

Plataformas de virtualização prontas para aplicativos para simplificar a consolidação de subsistemas anteriormente discretos dando suporte a ambientes industriais.

Виртуализация для промышленных сред

Платформы виртуализации, оптимизированные для приложений, для упрощения консолидации более ранних изолированных подсистем с поддержкой промышленных сред.



Four IT Managers Talk Virtual Desktop Management

Four IT managers discuss virtual desktop management models for four industries: financial services, education, healthcare, and general office.

Why Greater Performance Per Core Matters for Server Virtualization

Illustrates how higher performance cores provide significant advantages over lower performance cores, including operating costs and VM space.

Intel Big Data Analytics Peer Research Video

Intel strategist Linda Feldt highlights five key findings from a 2013 peer research report on big data analytics.

Intel IT's Power Tour

Video: tour of Earth Day 2010, Intel IT sustainability practices, from video conferencing to server refresh.

Data Center Management, Intel® Xeon® Processor 5600/7500 Series

Video: Intel IT and NYSE Euronext discuss the implication of Intel® Xeon® 5600 and 7500 processor families to data centers and businesses.

Reduce Energy Costs, Consumption with Intel vPro Technology

Corporate users discuss the impact of Intel® vPro™ technology on power consumption reduction and energy cost reduction.