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Paper: 32nm Logic Technology for High Performance Microprocessors

Logic Paper: 32nm logic technology for high performance microprocessors

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32nm Logic Technology with 2nd Gen High-k + Metal Gate Transistors

Presentation of 32nm logic technology for high performance microprocessors featuring 2nd generation high-k + metal gate transistors.

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Introduction to Intel® 32-nm Process Technology

White paper provides manufacturing history on the 32-nm and 45-nm process technology and Hi-k + metal gate transistors.

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Intel® 32nm Logic and SOC Technologies

The innovative Intel 32nm logic technology is a revolutionary technical breakthrough, which delivers record NMOS and PMOS transistor performance.

Hafnium-based Intel® 45nm Process Technology

Intel® 45nm high-k metal gate silicon technology offers powerful computing experiences due to processor energy efficiency and flexibility of design.

Law Firm Restores PCs in Two Hours Versus Two Days

Case Study: Law firm Dibble & Miller backs up PCs and reduces PC-restore time with the enterprise-grade WD Sentinel* small business storage server.

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A Good Cloud Investment: Private Business Cloud Solution

Case Study: Saratoga Research invests in the cloud for automatic backup, remote access, and growing room on an Intel®-based WD Sentinel* DX4000.

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Small Business Server Helps Agency Deliver Client Satisfaction

Case Study: U.K. marketer boosts efficiency, responsiveness, and access centralizing data storage on an Intel® processor-based small business server.

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More Time to Make Monsters with NAS

Case Study: Creator of FrightTown, a haunted attraction, uses a QNAP TS-239 Pro II+* to access assets from anywhere and share long distance.

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A Reliable Home Backup System

Case Study: Musician finds a reliable backup system for creative content in the Synology DS712+* network-attached storage server.

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